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E-Juice Usage


E-Juice Usage

There are a few things you can do to keep your e-juice fresh and flavorful, and techniques you can use to increase your level of enjoyment. First and foremost… Keep all of your e-juices at room temperature and try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Some e-juices, from my experience living in Hell… I mean Florida, can gel in extreme heat and become unusable. If this happens inside your cartomizer, clearomizer, tank, etc. you’ll likely lose the whole piece. Also, make sure to steep your juices before use.  This step might seem unnecessary to the novice, but it makes a world of difference in flavor and smoothness.  To steep your liquids, take the cap and nozzle off of the bottle and allow the bottles to sit undisturbed in a dark, cool location.  I tend to do this for two to four days with my juices, but I know others who allow certain e-juices to steep for a month or longer.  I haven’t seen that the difference is noticeable enough to justify this extreme exercise in patience.  In order to maximize the e-juice tasting experience, use the juices that are lower in nicotine content. The higher nicotine levels do seem to affect the taste to some degree. If your vaping budget allows, try to use a separate cartomizer and atomizer for each flavor. This avoids mixing flavors and ingredients, especially through the wick, and prevents altering the tasting experience, sometimes drastically. When using your e-cigarette, take a small puff and let it out without inhalation at first, then take in a longer drag. Allow some of the vapor to drift out of your mouth, then inhaled slowly through your nose (some will know of this technique as “French inhaling”).  Take the rest of the vapor into your lungs the usual way. This combination of taste and smell is imperative to experiencing the full effect of the e-juice vaping experience.


  1. This information is useful especially to those who buy their e-liquids on monthly basis. It is important that the ejuice is stored at room temperature as too much heat or exposure to very cold temperatures could alter the flavor.