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ELiquid Depot T5 (Nutty-Blend?)



OK, so you’re probably a little sceptical after seeing that tiny, little question-mark in parentheses next to the supposed flavor of ELiquid Depot’s T5 E-juice.  If you are, then you’re perceptive of the world around you, and your instinct is finely honed.  Congratulations, because this E-Juice sucks.  I stepped into a local head-shop I rarely go to, and the shelves were speckled with this brand’s 10ml bottles.  So naturally, I see something that doesn’t mean anything to me and I have to know what it is.  In this case, that mystery something was a bottle of E-juice labeled, “T5.”  An inquiry and a long, drawn out technical conversation about e-cigarette preferences later, I had purchased myself a small handful of E-liquids, including the T5, which was described to me as a “nutty-blend.”  I tried that one first because I was excited about it.

I do love a good combination of flavors such as hazelnut, almond, etc.  It suggests an earthy, manly atmosphere.  This juice, however, had none of those flavors, or any other flavor for that matter.  I’m beginning to think that many of these manufacturers rely too heavily on the power of suggestion as regards their repertoire of flavors.  If you’re making your initial foray into an industry that relies heavily on flavor for the the procuring of customers, you can’t just say, “throw the words ‘nutty blend’ in there somewhere and they’ll all think their tasting almonds and pralines and shit.”  Someone is going to catch wise really fast and expose you for the fraud you are.  If it’s a question of trying to save money on flavor by using less in each batch, the result will be an E-juice without enough flavor to be detectable by any but the most discerning, well-trained taste buds.  Cutting expense corners by decreasing flavorings, using a high percentage of cheap PG in lieu of more expensive VG, or buying your ingredients from suppliers who also cut corners to make more money… all of these things can be tasted in your product, believe it or not.  Yes, the average person is able to taste your cheapness!  So be careful, and splurge a little so you can produce a respectable E-juice.

Cheaper ingredients also equals a thinner, less smoke-like vapor.  If you’ve been vaping for any extended period of time, you’re familiarized with that annoying, thin vapor that takes more labored air draws across the atomizer in order to get an acceptable amount of vapor.  This is more pronounced if you are/were a smoker of analog cigarettes.  You have expectation, and they are reasonable expectations.  You have purchased a device called an ‘electronic cigarette,’ and you have the gall to expect the gaseous clouds pulled into your mouth to be at least somewhat comparable to that of your Marlboro.  You also expect there to be a scent of some sort to let you know that there is an actual, physical vapor in front of you… not a ghost.  ELiquid Depot’s T5 produces a poorly coherent, thin and grey vapor.  While vaping, I found myself sucking at my e-cigarette like I was trying to get a really frozen ice cream shake through a straw.  I could actually feel my face start to slide into the drip tip thanks to the extreme air pressure I was exerting on the clearomizer.

In short, based off of this flavor (and another ELiquid Depot abortion I’m about to blast via scathing language) I recommend just staying away from this manufacturer and sticking with a better company who still cares about their quality and reputation among customers.  Steeping and cranking up the voltage on this juice may improve the experience by a minuscule amount, but let’s put it this way:  You can put hot sauce on a burnt hamburger patty, and you can soak it in BBQ sauce for a day or two… but you still have a burnt, cardboard-like hamburger at the end of it all.  Perhaps the addendum “nutty blend” in the description of this T5 variety of E-liquid actually refers to the the fact that the people who birthed this parade float of blandness are nutty in the friggin’ head if they think that a name scheme reminiscent of the Terminator film series is enough to fool the public into thinking they’re tasting anything that falls anywhere near a nutty flavor.