Vape your Vitamins! Vitamin Infusion in E-Juice (Healthcare E-Liquids)



Ever since I first heard of the “Red Bull” flavor of E-liquid, I predicted that there would eventually be a thriving market in inhaled, vaporized vitamins and medications.  There’s plenty of backlash about this issue amongst the public, news agencies, pseudo-medical review websites and TV shows/webisodes… all of which are hanging themselves on the assumption that anything that even closely resembles the actions of smoking a cigarette is inherently evil.  The truth of the matter is, that (tobacco smoking aside) inhaling anything emulsified in a health-neutral vapor is simply another delivery method for chemicals that you want to have in your body.

A U.S. Patent has been filed for vitamin-infusion in E-cigarette E-liquid.  Imagine being able to take your daily dose of vitamins into your bloodstream via vaping a flavored E-liquid.  The first hint of this was the Red-Bull-esque juices that include no nicotine, but rather B vitamins and caffeine.  If those two substances can be infused in propylene and vegetable glycol, why not others.  A little more investigation has revealed a number of “healthcare e-liquids” available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, most of these seem to be Chinese in origin.  I have nothing against the Chinese, per se, but I know lots of fellow Americans who are looking for work and I try to buy American wherever possible.  E-Cialis, however, is likely to never be made available by a U.S. company… so China is necessary in this case.

That’s right… you just read E-Cialis in the last sentence of the preceding paragraph.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to mix ED medication into glycol purposed for vaporization and inhalation.  Gloriously inventive and ingeniously brilliant!  Next comes daily multi-vitamins, flu medications, pain medications, ginseng,… you name it!  Let’s do our part in making this quiet, unsure idea into a massive new trend and variation on the “normal” method of pill-popping and injection.


United States Patent # USW2010020008 A1

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