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Johnson Creek- Black Cherry (Tobacco)


When I first tasted this E-juice through my Vivi Nova Clearomizer on my eGo-Vari battery, I actually wanted to walk out into the street and murder a baby chipmunk. I was truly appalled at the horror I suffered at the hands of Johnson Creek Smoke Juices. Then, while visiting the website with the intention of blasting “Black Cherry” on their own site’s review area, I realized that what I was actually vaping was Black Cherry TOBACCO flavor! So, I gave it another try, and while I still am not very happy with this E-liquid, I must confess that there is a chipmunk running around alive today because I actually read the manufacturer’s description of their product. (I should add that I got this juice through a friendly trade with one of my co-workers, hence my not fully understanding what I was dealing with.) That said, a slightly more descriptive title on this juice’s bottle would not be out of line here.

Even with the added knowledge that my Black Cherry vaping experience was actually a Black Cherry Tobacco vaping experience, the flavor of Johnson Creek’s creation is less than impressive. I used to be an avid pipe and cigar smoker, on top of my cigarette habit, and I smoked many a black cherry blend through my briar pipe in my day. One of those blends was the easy-to-find, mass produced Captain Black and Paladin varieties, available at that convenience store right down the road from wherever you currently reside. The flavor of Johnson Creek’s juice is somewhat suggestive of these brands’ tobaccos, mixed with cigarette tobacco and a bunch of chemical preservatives that carry more discernible flavor than any of the aforementioned tobaccos. The chemical presence here is unmistakable.

This is one of the few E-liquids I’ve come across that actually lists the ingredients on the back of the label. On the list in this case, I noticed propylene glycol listed before vegetable glycerine… which suggests to me that there is way more PG in this blend than VG. The harshness of the throat hit supports this theory. Vapor production, however, doesn’t suffer at all, and is akin to the smoke production of an actual pipe, surpassing that of the average cigarette.

All in all, I can’t go so far as to recommend this particular Johnson Creek product. However, if you just quit smoking Paladin Black Cherry tobacco via a briar pipe, I can wholeheartedly suggest buying an electronic pipe (so as to maintain the illusion completely) and load it up with this stuff. You’ll feel like you never quit.