Top 6 Trending E-Liquids in 2017


    Pinpointing current trends or highlighting the latest craze can be difficult, especially since the public always changes its mind. One day, something may be the greatest while the next day it may be out of date. That being said vaping has become more and more popular since their official introduction to the public almost a decade ago. Today, it is more mainstream for a person to vape than it is for them to smoke traditional cigarettes.

    Before getting the latest e-liquid trends, we need to realize what vaping trends are.

    Who is vaping?

    People of all ages, cultures, and societies are vaping more regularly. The three mainly identified age groups include the Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials. Of these three groups, the Millennials make up the smallest number of persons using vaping products and supplies. Generation X is ahead of them, but the Boomers seem to be using them much more often than the other two generations combined.

    However the statistics are recorded or shown the fact remains that a much larger demographic is vaping than in the previous decade. This indicates that vaping is not a dying trend. There is a high possibility that vaping will be around for a while yet.

    Why do they vape?

    Some companies have advertised vaping as a transitional way to quit smoking. Boomers and Generation X are the typical users of vaping products for this reason. Generation X also seems to want to smoke but not offend or create second-hand smoke. This makes vaping the next best option. However, this is not the only reason that some persons are vaping. The Millennials are vaping instead of smoking because it is the more popular thing to do.

    Even as vaping becomes more mainstream and accepted in society, it is also a cheaper habit to maintain than traditional smoking. The products and supplies that are necessary for using e-cigarettes are much cheaper than consistently stocking up on regular cigarettes.

    What are they using?

    There are many different sizes and styles of e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and other devices. It makes the decisions much more challenging and complicated in some ways. However, it also makes for a greater variety and allows for individuality within the vaping community. You can personalize your equipment as well as your flavors.

    Many characters are available to attract the younger e-smokers; some of these flavors include bubble gum, chocolate, and watermelon. There are also more traditional flavors such as tobacco flavoring. Whatever flavor you want, you are sure to find it or at least something very similar.

    The equipment being used by e-smokers varies from individual to individual. There are different sizes of devices so you can choose the size that fits your preference. Tools are available in many different colors as well, so your device can match your eyes, your personality, or simply blend in.

    No matter what side of the vaping debate you stand by, it cannot be denied that vaping is making its stand and sticking as a trend for the public. The more frequent the e-cigarettes become, the more the public will see varying styles and flavors. The vaping trend will continue to grow for now, but it remains to be seen whether it will diminish in popularity.


    People who like to analyze flavor will point out that there are only four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. These are perceived by variation of taste buds on various regions of the tongue— sweet at the tip, sour and salt along the sides, bitter at the back. When you eat, these tastes combine with the aromas perceived by your nose to produce the flavor of the food you are eating.

    The Trends

    In recent years, it has become popular for people to throw down traditional cigarettes and to pick up vaping instead. E-cigarette enthusiasts will tell you that there are a variety of reasons people are dumping the traditional cigarettes for vaping. The biggest question on many vapers minds now is what are the best Premium Trendy E-liquids on the market today.

    You want an E-liquid that isn’t overpowering but still gives you the burst of flavor and scent that you have come to expect when vaping. Ejuice connect has the collection of popular Premium E-liquids that gives you that burst of flavor for 2017 that isn’t overpowering but will still give you what you need. Read on below for some of the best trendy E-liquids for 2017.


    Duchess Reserve

    Imagine liquids with quadruple the flavor you love while bellowing out a cloud that turns you invisible to surrounding onlookers. No more wasting your money on the juice that just ruins your atomizer.

    We got it for you, in the E-Liquid flavor of course! The very first liquid ever created by the Duchess Reserve mixologists. Late one night in an attempt to re-create an enjoyable anise liquid, the wrong flavoring was added, and the rest is history. So many hidden gems are in this vape, and though many have tried, none to date have identified them all.

    List Price: $60.00 | Savings: $35.01


    Apple Sour Straws e-juice by Bazooka Vape Sour Straws

    Looking for something delicious with a fruity flavor? Well, then this is the e-juice for you! We have Apple Sour Straw juices as well as a Strawberry, and Watermelon flavor available too!

    List Price: $25.00 | Savings: $14.01


    EZ Duz It by Ruthless 30 ml

    Remember the days you use to sell lemonade on the side of the street? This flavor brings it back to the childhood days, mixing a little strawberry with the classic watermelon and you have a blast of flavor for your vaporizing needs.

    List Price: $20.00 | Savings: $10.50


    Don Juan Reserve by King’s Crest – 120ml

    That same wanton Butter Pecan Pie you have come to love, now canvassed in a Creamy Milk Chocolate. Exceedingly viewed as one of the best Butter Pecan Pie seasons available, Don Juan by King’s Crest is something to be wanted. If you love Butter Pecan Ice-cream, you’ll LOVE this E-Juice!

    List Price: $60.00| Savings: $35.01


    French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics – 60 ml

     In the mood for a refreshing breakfast?

    French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics tasted exactly like thick slices of French Toast, a drizzle of maple syrup, with a handful of fresh blueberries and topped with whipped cream. Well, we have a treat for you! Try our French toast flavored E-Juice with a dab of maple syrup, with a handful of fresh blueberries and ended off with whip cream!

    Want a combo? Get a side of pancakes! Check out our “French Dude our Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics Combo – 120 ml”, where it comes with a combo of the French Toast and Pancake flavored e-Juice!

    List Price: $27.00| Savings: $18.01
    These are just a few of the trendy E-liquids on the market today for vaping. Vaper enthusiasts are more than happy with these flavors and are constantly coming back for more. You should check out these products on E-Juice Connect today, you won’t be sorry that you did.