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European Union Attempting to Destroy E-Cigarette Industry!!!


Yes… I shamelessly used a picture of a gorgeous woman vaping an E-cigarette (which I found on Vape Vixens @ Facebook… if you really want me to take it down I will, but come on!) to draw you into reading this article.  Sue me… but it works.  Anyways… back to the matter at hand, which is a very serious matter to say the least.  The European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety has received official word from the dark spirits of over-involvement and government intrusion that the E-cigarette industry is to, in the words of Emperor Palpatine (of Star Wars fame), “Join us or die.”  (Actually, I believe it was Vader who said that to Palpatine… but I digress)

I suppose it’s actually quite inevitable that this wondrous invention that has helped most of us to leave behind our deadly habits of smoking in favor of a healthier, equally enjoyable habit, was always going to get shot down by either the tobacco industry or the pharmaceutical industry.  On this particular occasion, the Enemy (capitalized on purpose) has taken the form of the incredibly wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical community.  They are attempting to get E-cigarettes in the EU (European Union, for all of my Yankee readers) regulated as a medicinal device which, if passed, will make E-cigs and E-liquids only available through certified pharmacies… just like Oxycontin, Percocet, Loritab, Morphine, etc.  Because obviously, a nicotinated (is that a word?  It is now!) juice that helps people wean off a deadly habit, needs the same level of regulation as controlled substance opiates.

Trying to label nicotine as “medicinal” is roughly the same as labelling caffeine as “medicinal.”  As most vapers know, nicotine by itself is not necessarily dangerous to the average person, and even for those with high blood pressure, small doses of nicotine (such as, oh, I don’t know… 8mg, 10mg, 12mg, etc.) is also fairly harmless.  We can buy nicotine already, over the counter in the form of gum and/or lozenges, and/or actual analog cigarettes.  They aren’t located only in certified pharmacies.  They can be found behind the counter at most food stores and gas stations.  And the only reason they’re behind the counter is because the clerk needs to see photo ID before selling these products… not because they’re “medicinal.”

So, why are E-cigarettes so different?  Why are these long-standing, corrupted-with-pure-unadulterated-greed institutions threatened by this new, rising industry enough to lobby to have it regulated out of existence?  Why is any business threatened by a new and popular competitor?  I don’t actually blame the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies for doing this… I blame the politicians who are allowing themselves to be swayed by the luxurious offerings of private conglomerates actively attempting to buy legislation!  Shame on them for abandoning principles of honesty and reason just so they can buy another house in the South of France!  But hey!  These are politicians and this is nothing new.

What really bothers me is how and why do we (as members of the United States) and they (as members of the European Union) keep allowing these things to take place?  We all have access to enough information via the rise of the World Wide Web and other information technologies to be fully capable of self-educating ourselves past the spin doctoring of these archaic political institutions.  Have we really become so lazy that we not only swallow disinformation fed to us by crafty marketing-minded lobbyists and spin doctors, but we also tend to swallow whatever the first bit of information about any given subject makes its way to our ears?  It makes me want to try an experiment… I think I’ll write a series of reports about how drinking acai berry juice actually kills you because it converts to arsenic in your small intestine.  That should be good for a wide-spread health panic.  I bet if I put it out there enough, we’ll start seeing legislation to ban acai berries.  And wouldn’t it be interesting if you then found out that I work for a company that produces antioxidant supplements in capsule form?  Hmmm…

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Alice in Vapeland- The Bandersnatch


Alice in Vapeland has done it again.  The Bandersnatch is described as a butterscotch and banana concoction, and it definitely hits the nail right on the head.  The best thing about this one is that it is very obvious to the taste buds that AiV splurges on their flavorings.  The butterscotch actually tastes like that type of warm butterscotch filling you’ll find in a freshly baked butterscotch pie.  The banana flavor is easily recognizable as actual, real banana!  I think in addition to the butterscotch and banana, there might have been a smaller amounbt of caramel used to produce that “warming” effect that seems common (at least in my opinion) with so many caramel-flavored products.  I’d also like to say that I caught a slight hint of spice in the mix.  Possibly a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg… just enough to give the two main flavors a slight kick… or maybe it was my imagination (but I did detect it both before and after steeping).

Throat hit and vapor production on The Bandersnatch are congruent to the high standards set by the better, “gourmet” E-juice companies.  Vaping this flavor in my eGo-C w/ replaceable atomizer and disposable cartridge produced just as good of a vapor as many of the more average E-liquids produce in my more expensive equipment.  I also got a lot of comments from others while vaping such as, “It smells like a bakery in here,” and “who’s got the Werther’s?”  I also had someone inquire as to whether or not I was vaping a banana-flavored juice.  So, this Alice in Vapeland proprietary blend is pleasing to both the vaper and those standing around him/her.

I just can’t say enough about AiV.  This company meets the high standards set by others like Mr. Nice Guy Vape and Flavorz by Joe.  So, stop what you’re doing, put down your impressive new mod, scoot over to the computer, go to Alice in Vapeland’s website, and order some of these. (You’ll notice that I actually linked to the site above, and that I haven’t done it before.  No, this doesn’t mean that I’m being paid by AiV.  I’ve just decided to begin including the links in my reviews… at least my good reviews.  I think these companies deserve it for their hard work.)  You won’t be disappointed!

World Health Organization- “Cigarettes are healthy!”


I’m not going to elaborate too much on this topic.  The original author has done a more than adequate job at contradicting this intensely ignorant and, for lack of a better word, stupid statement issued by the so-called World Health Organization or WHO, as in, “WHO the F**k Actually Listens to these asses (or arses, for you British folk out there)?”  The statement, made recently in the Philippines by Dr Florante Trinidad (WHO Western Pacific Region), suggests that the nicotine present in E-cig users’ atomized vapor is soaked directly into the lungs, whereas (analog) cigarettes employ the use of filters.

The author, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos (I’m getting a Greek vibe from this name), points out that smokers are subjected to much higher levels of nicotine per puff than are E-cig vapers.  He also highlights the truth about nicotine… that it is not necessarily, by itself, dangerous.  It is not a carcinogen.  It does not cause lung disease.  It’s moderately risky for people suffering from high blood pressure problems, but even then… caffeine is probably more risky.  Dr. Farsalinos relays all of the counter-information against this WHO disinformation (I would like to point out that disinformation differs from misinformation in that it is intentionally misleading) in a way that is thoroughly substantiated with links to original scientific documents, previously released scientific findings, etc.  Don’t pass up this article!

The only thing I’d like to add to the information provided by Dr. Farsalinos is the fact that the Tobacco industry have been paying a lot of attention to Southeast Asia of late.  This is mainly due to the fact that Many Southeast Asia countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the least regulated countries in the world as far as tobacco-smoking is concerned.  Big Tobacco is focusing on this cash cow, because the increasing restrictions and anti-smoking trends in other countries are beginning to cut into their profits.  However, the E-cigarette industry has really taken off in Southeast Asia as well.  Just look up “E-cigarettes” and/or “vape/vaping” on Facebook.  You’ll see that an extremely large number of your search returns will be profiles, pages, and groups centered in countries like Malaysia and the Philippines.  So, Big Tobacco is feeling very threatened by the E-cig industry in these specific countries.  You could say the same thing about the E-cigarette industry here, but the FDA is in line to be more easily manipulated by the tobacco corporations than is the Philippine version of the FDA.  This means that Big Tobacco will have less control over the growing popularity of E-cigarettes in Asia than they will in America, and therefore they want to crush it.

Alice in Vapeland- Sweet Tease


So far, Alice in Vapeland is three-for-three!  I’ve tried White Rabbit, which I’ve already reviewed.  I’m currently reviewing Sweet Tease.  And soon, I’ll review Bandersnatch.  All of AiV’s E-liquids are complex mixtures of complimentary flavors that meld perfectly together to create their own, unique concoction which you will not find anywhere else.  The Sweet Tease is the first tea-flavored E-juice I’ve ever tried, and if the rest are half as good as this one, I think I may have found my new measuring-stick flavor by which to test my overall opinion of an E-juice manufacturer.

Alice in Vapeland’s Sweet Tease is subtle in all the right places, and strong in all the right ways.  The flavor of a lightly sweetened (possibly Earl Grey) tea is unmistakable, but not overpowering.  It’s very impressive that the the exact taste-intricacies of a tea have been captured in flavored glycol.  To top off the tea experience, a hint of lemon has been added to the mix.  Normally, I’m a fan of un-aided teas… no cream, no sugar, no lemon… but here I am more than willing to make an exception, mostly because I feel that a plain, unsweetened tea atomized into vapor for purposes of inhaling would probably be kind of bitter and gross.  Maybe not, but there’s the added difficulty of glycol itself having it’s own slight sweetness.

The throat hit on this particular E-juice is very smooth and almost “invisible.”  Normally, I would take away quite a few points for this, and I did subtract a few, but I also added some back on because I think any kind of throat hit on this vapor might have taken away from the subtleties in flavor present here.  The magical thing about Sweet Tease E-liquid is that while there is almost no throat hit whatsoever, the vapor production is higher than average… considerably higher than average.

There’s one more thing I’d like to mention about Sweet Tease liquid is that it works very well as a cocktail juice with small touches of fruit-flavors.  I’m a huge fan of anything berry-related, so I naturally try to blend new juices with a good quality raspberry, blackberry, or currant juice.  My first attempt at mixing berry flavors with this concoction was a bit of a failure.  I used a little too much and overpowered the more subtle sweet tea and lemon essences.  The next attempt was a raging success because I used about one part Mr. Nice Guy Raspberry to five parts Alice in Vapeland Sweet Tease.  There’s one word for this cocktail: Outstanding!

I whole-heartedly recommend this one-of-a-kind mixture made available to us by my new friends over at Alice in Vapeland.  And as far as I can tell, you can pick just about any of their mysteriously-named flavors and be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Your Move, FDA…


Just thought I’d share the results of this little scientific study conducted Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, & A Greener Environment, LLC (CHANGE) using correct scientific testing methods accepted by the scientific community at large.  It should also be added that this particular organization is located in New York (notoriously opposed to tobacco/nicotine) and it’s express purpose for existence is “clean air!”  The subject of the study: does the vapor from e-cigarettes pose any sort of health risk indoors.

The test itself was conducted in a controlled environment and compared both the health risks of tobacco smoke and high-nicotine content E-liquid vapor.  A 40-cubic-meter room was used for the test, which presented a toxicology report measuring VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds), carbonyls, PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), nicotine, TSNAs (Tobacco-specific nitrosamines), and glycols.  The results?  E-cigarette vapor poses NO SIGNIFICANT RISK to health, compared with the same results derived form the tobacco smoke, which showed significant risks.

The FDA has done their own research, though.  They must have because they keep saying that the effects of E-cigarette vapor have not been adequately tested yet.  I suppose if I suddenly woke up and decided to hold firm to the claim that Nazi’s or Bolsheviks did not, in fact, kill millions of people.  The historically-minded community the world over would probably offer in opposition to my claims recorded, pictorial, film, and many other types of verified evidence to the contrary of my claims.  Following the presentation of their evidence, I guess I could still stubbornly cling to my beliefs… and maybe I’ll be awarded with my own government agency and power to make up laws to govern the whole nation based on my psychotic whims… You know, kind of like the Third Reich… or did I go to far?

Original Article

Alice in Vapeland- White Rabbit


I love the E-liquid manufacturers that make you figure out the flavor yourself.  I can’t rate them automatically higher than the ones which carry labels describing exactly what flavor you’re going to experience… but I do enjoy a mystery.  Alice in Vapeland is going to be getting a large order from me very soon.  A fellow vaper let me fill up my T5 clearomizer and an eGo-C cartridge with his AiV White Rabbit, which comes in a larger-than-usual 18ml bottle for the same $10 as most 10ml bottles from other manufacturers.  I now owe him something of equal or greater quality, which will be difficult and I don’t feel like parting with my Mr. Nice Guy Vapes.  Thanks, Alice, for making my debt that much more difficult to pay!

The flavor of White Rabbit is akin to actually following the proverbial white rabbit down the rabbit-hole, and into the bizarre world of the Matrix.  Oh, wait… mixing movies here.  Anyways, there is definitely a coconutty presence here.  I also detect a touch of vanilla (but more of a white chocolate vanilla than an extract vanilla) on the exhale.  That same vanilla essence provides a creaminess that makes this one helluva smooth, gentle vape.  Along with the definite sense of vanilla/coconut, there seems to be a woody… possibly cedar taste that underlies the other flavors.  As if that wasn’t enough for a full-bodied vape, a slight hint of nuttiness (the flavor not the mental state of being) drives this flavor home.  The last time I tasted a flavor this complex was Flavorz by Joe’s Heaven’s Nectar.

The creaminess produces a smooth, but damn-near perfect throat hit.  That same creaminess also seems to add a thick, velvety quality to the vapor itself.  Plumes of vapor seemed to roll like sand dunes out of my mouth on the exhale.  I used this flavor to convince someone I had never met to quit smoking and switch to vaping, so congratulations, Alice in Vapeland… you saved a life!  The only thing that seemed like it could use a bit of improvement was the aroma of the vapor.  The scent of the liquid itself is strong and complex… but the post-atomized vapor is a little weak on the nostrils.  A good French inhale was necessary to pick up a discernible aroma.

Steeping almost seemed like overkill for the White Rabbit marvel by AiV, but it took greatness, and topped it with whipped cream and a cherry (metaphorically speaking).  I also played around with my ESCO variable voltage E2 and my T5 clearomizer.  I can even say that this e-liquid stands up to increased voltage very nicely.  At 5.2 volts (most E-liquids can’t handle much more than 4.8) the White Rabbit was essentially laying a flavorful fog over the whole room.  If anything, the voltage increase should carry with it a warning of visual impairment because of the massive amounts of thick vapor produced.  I could volunteer this e-cig and this E-juice to a Hollywood movie set attempting to film a San Francisco scene inside a sound stage.

So… what the Hell are you waiting for.  Get on their website and order one of these now.  And I’m guessing you could probably go ahead and order a few other flavors, too.  I haven’t tried any yet, but I think it’s a safe bet that they’re definitely palatable to say the least.  If I had to find a “negative” aspect of this liquid, it would be that it isn’t a very good candidate for cocktailing with other juices.  The E-juice itself is a cocktail of many different flavors.  The only E-juice manufacturers I’ve found that compare to this one are Mr. Nice Guy and Flavorz by Joe. 

GotVape- Orange Creamsicle


I’ve been hearing about Gotvape for a while now, and I was finally able to get a hold of a few by trading the remainder of my Totally Wicked liquids (jokes on him… or so I thought).  The first one I tried was the Orange Creamsicle flavor.  I don’t know what it is about including anything orange-related into an E-liquid, but for some reason that orange flavor just doesn’t seem to jive with the process of atomization.  Every one I’ve attempted, regardless of manufacturer, has more or less highlighted the burn in the vapor.

The Orange Creamsicle product in Gotvape’s lineup of E-juices was underwhelming to say the least.  The flavor of the orange was barely present and the “cream” flavor that should have been present seemed to be almost unrecognisable.  Essentially I was left with the taste of “plain” vapor, tinged with a suggestion of orange.  I think the cream part of the flavor was merely the power of suggestion thanks to the name of the liquid.  The light flavor also seems to effect a noticeable lack of a scent, and I noticed that after vaping it for about half an hour, nobody around me had commented on the smell, or lack thereof.

The vapor produced by this Gotvape concoction (and I tried it in a number of different e-cigs) felt thin, as those of you who’ve tried various different types of e-liquids have probably experienced.  The throat hit wasn’t great, but it was acceptable.  Felt like an ultra-light (oh, wait… we can’t use that word anymore or the FDA police will whine at an irritating frequency).  Let’s see… it felt like a Marlboro silver.  Anyways, suffice it to say that I didn’t care much for the vapor production and subsequent throat hit of this particular product.  I thought that cranking up the voltage might result in a better vapor.  It definitely made more vapor, but the thinness of the plumes didn’t improve, and neither did the flavor.

All in all, I’m hoping that Gotvape’s other flavors impress me a little more than this one did.  Otherwise, I feel a hardcore roast coming on… and as I stated earlier today on a Facebook forum, I purposefully don’t tone down my reviews in degree of harshness for fear of hurting a company’s feelings.  Companies don’t have feelings, regardless of the IRS’s propensity to refer to them as “legal persons.”


T5 (CE8) Wickless Clearomizer


I know that the expressed purpose of this blog site isn’t to review E-cigarette hardware, but I feel that it’s my duty as a vocal, involved member of the vaping community, to inform you all of this absolutely marvellous device.  I purchased this particular clearomizer under the label “T5.”  It seems to also be available on various other websites as the “CE8.”  They could call it “dog poop” and if it preforms like this, the name wouldn’t matter to me.  I seem to remember a Shakespeare quote in a Leonardo DeCaprio flick about names and whatnot.  Anyways, this spectacular clearomizer beats the proverbial socks off even most of its higher priced competitors.

I figured that the absence of a wick was just a gimmick, and that the operation of the T5 would be similar or worse than the various other “CE” varieties of clearomizers, but I was wrong.  Essentially, there actually is a wick, but it’s a tube-shaped, mesh wick inside the column of the device.  The pre-punched holes on the sides of the column allow your E-juice access to the wick.  (This is actually where the only problem with this clearomizer lies… once the level of the E-liquid drops below that of the bottom hole, it’s time for a refill.  But the benefits outweigh the one drawback by a long shot!)  As far as I can tell, and I’ve had a little trouble verifying this, the heating “coil” runs the entire length of the column through the center of the wick-tube.  If you desire to switch to a different flavor/brand of juice, this clearomizer can be broken down into it’s component parts (as seen in the above picture) and washed with water.  Once it dries, there is absolutely no remaining flavor of the previous juice left!

The draw of the T5 is unparalleled in the category of inexpensive clearomizers/cartomizers.  Even the expensive versions are hard-pressed to compete.  Every puff seems accurately measured to be roughly equal to the puff before it.  The vapor produced (at least by quality E-liquid… I’m not about to put cheap juice in this thing) is thick and very smoke-like.  Flavor seems to be maintained through the atomization phase better than in other models.  I have only experienced the dreaded “burnt” flavor once with my T5, and that’s how I learned about the unfortunate requirement to refill once the bottom hole is left dry.  Otherwise, this is the smoothest, most consistently reliable clearomizer I own.

As I’ve stated before, I buy the majority of my supplies and All-Day-Vapes from Island Root Kava Bar in Downtown Melbourne, FL.  The owner of the kava bar also owns and operates Mr. Nice Guy Vape (No, I don’t fudge my reviews in favor of his product… he really does make one of the best E-liquids I’ve tasted).  So he is able to offer equipment and E-juices at a much lower rate than most retailers, because he skips the wholesale step and goes directly from warehouse to retail.  So, in short, I purchased this clearomizer for a competitively low $6.00 USD… I’ve seen the T5 (CE8) for sale on some websites for as low as $7 or $8, plus shipping.  Either way, this flagship of clearomizers is very affordable and offers the user a level of consistency and quality not found in many of the more expensive options.  My advise to you… buy a bunch of these and use them as your standard, every day clearomizers.  You’re level of enjoyment in casual vaping will rise considerably.

Giving Away Too Much Power? The FDA, Regulations, and Facebook


How far will the FDA take their E-cigarette regulations?  I’m sure that’s the top question on every Facebook-active vaper right about now.  There are a number of preliminary moves already in place to strike at our industry without mercy.  Obama signed into law the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (2009), which essentially establishes an avenue for direct regulation of tobacco products solely by the FDA.  And now, thanks to various anti-smoking/anti-tobacco lobbying groups, the types of regulations allowed under the Act have run amuck.  If E-cigarettes become officially categorized as a tobacco product, which both the FDA and Big Tobacco are attempting to effect, then all of these restrictions will suddenly, overnight, be applicable to E-cigarettes.  These restrictions are strict enough to destroy the E-cigarette industry as it exists today.

Firstly, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act puts in place an outright ban on flavored cigarettes and tobacco products (except for straight tobacco flavor and of course menthol).  What’s your favorite E-juice flavor?  Mine is my own personal cocktail of banana/coconut/pear cream pie.  But I might need to abandon that flavor and choose between tobacco-flavored and menthol very soon.  If nicotine juice used for inhaling nicotine emulsified in glycol vapor is to be legally defined as a “tobacco” product, than obviously the argument can easily be made in court that flavored E-juices fall under the jurisdiction of this portion of the Act.

The Act also stipulates that all “tobacco” companies (read: all E-juice companies) refrain from the use of the words “light, mild, and low-tar.”  By extension, this would also cover products that promote themselves as “no-tar,”  such as E-liquid that actually contains… well, no tar!

In a related category, “tobacco” companies are required to disclose all ingredients, contents, content changes, and health-effects research findings.  (Here you’ll find a sneaky, underhanded control measure used all too often by the government and its multiple agencies and departments:  List several easy, unnoticeable legal requirements along with the one requirement that actually carries a significant amount of weight and near-tyrannical measures of absolute control.  The “real” goal is housed amid red herrings)  If you think about this one briefly, you’ll very likely notice that in order to disclose research findings, you need to first have research findings.  In short, unless your company is large enough and has enough cash flow to pay for incredibly expensive scientific studies in approved laboratory conditions, you’re gonna have to go home and play a different game.  It goes without saying that something like this makes the Big Tobacco companies very happy, because they already pay for and complete these types of scientific findings.  Why would the FDA even feel it necessary to include, in a list of requirements, this segment on scientific research?  They do their own research, and they can’t be so naive as to trust a company to “discover” that their own product is harming or killing their customers… There’s no reason for this stipulation to even be included in the Act unless Big Tobacco themselves suggested its inclusion in order to eliminate competition and maintain their total ownership and control of the tobacco industry (and E-cigarette industry).

The fun continues with the next requirement.  The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act expressly prohibits any kind of claims about the health benefits of reduced-risk products.  I don’t know about you, but I’m embarrassed to even be associated with a nation where the preceding sentence even exists in written form, let alone becomes an enforceable, legal condition for business.  This portion of the Act does allow for claims that are scientifically proven, but then negates even that provision if it is determined (by the FDA) that that scientifically proven health-benefit claim would cause public harm.  So, in an effort to bring some semblance of sense to pure chaos, this part of the law is tantamount to the FDA saying, “We don’t care if your scientific research says that milk is healthy and contains calcium for bone-strengthening.  Anything with fat grams is unhealthy to the public, so you can’t tell people that your milk products are healthy.”  Push this insanity a step further and continue with this analogy and you’ll see warnings on milk gallons telling you that the substance contained therein will cause you to die early of a heart attack.

Now we come to the crux of the Tobacco Control Act: Advertising.  The Act brings some very strict requirements to the advertising of tobacco products.  Among some of these are the requirements that tobacco ads be restricted to black-and-white text only, that no ads be located anywhere near schools or locations frequented by minors, that no tobacco advertising be located near cash registers at stores (to lessen impulse buying by addicts), etc.  How does this translate to E-cigs?  Well, when the FDA decides to exercise control over the E-cigarette industry, which is almost a foregone conclusion at this point, they can argue that minors are on facebook, so tobacco product (read E-liquid product) promotions, ads, profiles, pages, etc. cannot be allowed on social networking sites because it puts the advertisements in too close proximity to children.  These ads and profiles are also in vivid color, and therefore violate the black-and-white requirements.  Last but not least, smokers have Facebook profiles, so if they see an advertisement for “tobacco” products, they might be struck with a sudden impulse to go out and buy a pack of cigarettes… or a bottle of E-juice to refill their E-cig.  So if all of this moves just a few steps further, any sort of E-cigarette presence on FB is gone!  And all of this is subject to the whims of the FDA.  No voting, no democratic processes, to contacting your congressman, no complaining in any way, shape, or form.  Just fall in line, take your loaf of dry, stale bread, and shut the f**k up!  And I don’t think I need to highlight how this system of governance plays out in other, non-nicotine areas of life… like food, medicine, books, clothing, conversations, number of children, which god you worship… sound far-fetched?  Read a few books on the Bolshevik Revolution (while it’s still legal!)


Tobacco Control Legal Consortium

Public Health Law Center

CASAA Needs Donations NOW!


The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association has just launched it’s first major fund-raiser for purposes of scientific research.  Now, I know that the FDA blatantly ignores all scientific research that doesn’t fit into their imaginary fantasyland of pseudo-facts supporting their “issues” (read: paid kickbacks).  However, this research will mean something to the general public, even though we could just make stuff up and they’d (the public) would probably buy it, if their willingness to swallow whatever the FDA gives them to swallow is any indication of how easy they are to win over.  But I, and many other more sensible people who still have a scruple or two in their souls, think that the public deserves better than that.  They deserve real information and real evidence… especially when that information and evidence so obviously points to the real answer in this ongoing debate.

We have to prove, again and again until it sticks, that all of these imaginary chemicals like lead and anti-freeze (yes, they really do make these claims) aren’t actually present in E-liquids, and that vaping actually is a valid method of smoking cessation.  The opposition (what I like to call the Federal Department of Ass-hats) claims that vaping is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than traditional, analog smoking.  They claim that poisons are present in E-cigarettes, and in the same breath they agree to “regulate” E-cigarettes in such a way as to support Big Tobacco corporations’ addition of more addictive chemicals to E-liquid mixtures.

We’re already going into this game with a handicap, and that is the fact that we are not corrupt, sneaky bureaucrats.  We want to treat this issue honestly and present real, scientifically tested and verified information.  We want to present logic and reason instead of lies and misquoted spin doctoring.  In order to do this, we (the CASAA) needs donations, and needs them soon.  Our enemy is already mobilized against us, so we have no time to lose at this point.

The first project planned by the CASAA requires $15,000 so that a grant can be offered to Dr. Carl V. Phillips (a man with impressive, impeccable credentials in the field of scientific research) to essentially map the whole, entire chemistry of E-liquid and the vapor created by that liquid’s exposure to E-cigarettes’ atomizers.  This is a great place to start, and the results can be available as early as this coming Autumn if the funds are raised fast enough.  Time is definitely an issue with this research because several states are already pushing for legislation either banning or severely restricting the practice of vaping by treating it as a tobacco product.

The spin doctoring of the FDA and Big Tobacco is a massive obstacle to negotiate, but it’s not impossible.  Let’s all sacrifice something this month and send the CASAA a little money so we can get this research started ASAP.  I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes.  I’ll definitely never be able to quit again if this attempt doesn’t work out.  Vaping and E-cigarettes has been a huge blessing in my life, not only because of improved health and prolonged life expectancy, but also financially-speaking.  I’m saving an incredibly enormous amount of money on nicotine-based E-juices over the alternative of nicotine-based cigarettes.  I know you all are in the same boat.  Let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it.  I, for one, am going to donate as much as I can.  In fact, once I start allowing advertising on my blog/website I promise to donate 10% of my proceeds to the CASAA.

Link to CASAA Fundraising Website