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I regularly frequent Island Root Kava Bar in downtown Melbourne, FL.  (If you don’t know about/haven’t experienced kava… look it up IMMEDIATELY!)  The owner of this bar also manufactures e-liquid that he sells at the bar, and apparently across the nation as well.  Therefore, Mr. Nice Guy Vape e-juices are my usual brand… lucky me!  I visited their website once and it’s arranged only for wholesale, so if you want to taste one of these wonderful e-juices, try to get your local e-juice retailer to carry this brand.

Onto my review.  The first Nice Guy flavor I tried, based on some strong recommendations from friends and fellow vapers, was the strawberry/banana combination.  I’ve been vaping on and off for over five years now, but until the moment I tried this particular flavor, I stuck with the tobacco and occasional menthol flavorings.  This is the product, this is the flavor that inspired this whole blog!  The taste of both titular fruits are independently distinguishable, yet the combination of the two also carries its own, unique signature simultaneously.  Steeping for two days was like putting lemon icing on a lemon cake, except the icing and cake are both strawberry/banana and vaporized VG and PG.  The flavor became highlighted while remaining smooth and pleasant.  There was no “artificial flavoring” sense about this vapor at all, and I wonder if actual strawberries from Monterey County and actual bananas from Panama were vaporized by Marvin the Martian and collected into 10ml bottles by Mr. Nice Guy.  I somehow doubt that this is the case, but I can’t rave enough about the exquisite experience which is Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Strawberry/Banana Blend.

The throat hit is exactly as it should be concerning Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Strawberry/Banana concoction.  As it should be, that is, if your preference in a throat hit is for the vapor to feel exactly like cigarette smoke passing down your throat and into your lungs.  I rate e-liquid throat hits based on this criteria.  Using both my Esco E2 VV e-cig, and my eGo-T 900mah e-cig, the vapor produced by my 2.4 – 2.8 ohm clearomizers was thick and crisp.  I had no problem making beautiful vape rings on exhale.  In fact, if the vapor was any more perfect, I expect I might have been able to emulate Gandalf in Fellowship of the Rings when he upstaged Bilbo’s smoke ring with a smoke-pirate ship.  It is obvious that a high percentage, and high quality vegetable glycol was used in this e-juice, with just enough propylene glycol to give it that right throat hit.  Kudos to Mr. Nice Guy’s e-juice mixer, whomever he/she may be!

My nose was also very pleased by Mr. Nice Guy’s e-juice, especially following the two day steeping.  The aroma is best described as, not surprisingly, fresh strawberries and bananas, both recently sliced and diced for inclusion in a fresh fruit salad.  The addition of this pleasant smell to the sensation of taste produced by my taste buds while vaping only heightened the perfection of both the scent and the taste.

Overall, my impression of Mr. Nice Guy’s Strawberry/Banana e-juice is extremely positive, and I don’t hesitate at all to give my full recommendation on this delectable e-liquid.  Even the increased voltage on my Esco couldn’t ruin this one.  All it did was change the volume of yummy vapor from cigarette-like to full-bent-briar-pipe-like.  I’ve also used this e-juice to make cocktails with other flavors.  It goes VERY well mixed with another of Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s creations, their Watermelon flavor.  By itself, the Strawberry/Banana juice is very sweet, and consequently, I urge vapers to utilize this as an evening vape, possibly after dinner or at a night club.  Regardless of when or where you decide to vape this glorious VG-heavy e-juice, make sure that you do, in fact, vape it… and vape it often!

Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Strawberry/Banana:

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