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Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Watermelon


I’ve never been a huge fan of watermelon.  I love the flavor, but I don’t care much for the textures of certain fruits, watermelon being among them.  However, I may have to go back and give the fruit a second chance after this experience!  Mr. Nice Guy Vape, my usual, all-day-vape brand of e-liquid, has hit another grand slam home run with their Watermelon E-Juice.

Just this single flavor, by itself, holds enough intrigue to keep you in a state of constant satisfaction all day long.  The taste is forever present at every moment of the vaping process, which speaks volumes about Mr. Nice Guy’s courage to go beyond the bare minimum of ingredients in order to prioritize quality in their products.  Steeping this 10ml bottle of VG-based e-juice only served to increase the impact of this surprisingly strong, yet smooth taste experience.

The sensation of smell is not left unserviced during the vaping of Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s masterful creation.  In one of my favorite early 2000’s films, Gun Shy, Liam Neeson has his face jammed down into a pile of watermelon… then he gets shot and unfortunately associates the scent of watermelon with fear…  but that was a movie!  Take out the gunshot and PTSD, and just imagine plunging your face into a serving platter of fresh, perfectly sliced watermelon wedges, then inhaling deeply.  That fantasy situation would probably equal the nose-arousing experience of vaping this watermelony scrumptiousness.

Inhaling this vapor into your lungs stays true to Mr. Nice Guy’s high standard of throat hit flawlessness.  If Marlboro released a watermelon-flavored tobacco cigarette into the retail market tomorrow, and you were blingfolded and given the Pepsi-challenge with both the watermelon smoke and watermelon vapor, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.  This vapor, as it is atomized by both my ESCO E2 and eGo 900mah e-cigarettes, delivers that exact sensation of smoking which goes to prove that e-cigs really are the perfect smoking cessation tool (whether we are legally allowed to promote them as such or not).  Just remember, the throat hit of Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Watermelon E-Juice = PERFECTION in the Platonic sense of the word.

As I mentioned earlier, steeping actually does improve upon perfection as regards the watermelon e-juice reviewed here.  I also suggest playing around with various voltages when your clearomizer, cartomizer, etc. is filled with this heavenly nectar.  I found that setting my voltage up as high as 5.3 – 5.4 volts does not diminish or “burn” the flavor of this e-liquid’s enticing vapor.  Experiment a little and see how far you can push this one.

To reiterate some elements of my other Mr. Nice Guy reviews, if you don’t have a Mr. Nice Guy Vape retailer near you, go to your closest head shop, cigarette store, novelty market, etc. and demand that they carry this brand.  As of now, I haven’t been able to find a way of ordering these bottles in small or single quantities over the Internet, so the only way to get your hands on them is to convince your local e-cig vendor to stock up on this business-to-business, wholesale-only product!  When they do finally get their shipment of Nice Guy’s vaping platinum in the mail, and set it upon their shelves, thereby announcing their retail availability, grab up at least four or five 10ml bottles of this flavor, because you will want to use this one for your ADV.  And don’t be afraid to mix it up a little with Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Strawberry/Banana E-Juice.  I love the amazing tongue-gasm resulting from the combination of these two juices.

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Mr. Nice Guy Vape’s Watermelon:


  1. I too had purchased both the Watermellon and strawberry-Banana E Juices in diff nicotine mg,8&24mg. And mixed them. I have pinpointed the taste of Watermelon. It tastes exactly like the end of a blueberry icee. That last few drinks when only juice is left at the bottom. It’s really nice! W 4 ingredients I’m not trying any other brands and after a pack a day habit,ive smoked 2 cigerettes in the last week & half fir the first time in 10 years. Mr Nice guy vapes out in Florida are really cool and will accommodate orders over $100. W over 30 diff juices,LCD color clearomizers,dual stacks,lanyards and everything awesome in Vaping,its easy to reach that $100. I literally watched many YouTube vids and yet to see a vape draw larger than my Ego-c 600 blister clearomizer. It’s perfect! And at $25-$30 w charger I’m glad I didn’t spend a ton on any other company e-cig! Check out Mr nice guy vapes online!