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Logic “One Pack” Minty Menthol 1.8%- Disposable


If I find a picture of someone like Carmen Electra smoking whatever brand of E-Liquid I’m reviewing, you bet your bottom ass that I’m gonna use said picture as my review’s header/brand logo.  Logic Premium Electronic Cigarettes was nice enough to put this picture in their “About” section, so I transported it here.

OK… enough with the eye candy.  On a whim (and severe nicotine craving for which I was not prepared) I picked up a Logic disposable e-cig at my local convenience store.  I would normally never go with the disposable varieties, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase.  Not enough to switch from my super-awesome ESCO E2, but in a pinch, this small, analog cigarette-sized disposable was well worth the $5.00 I spent.

Reviewing disposable e-cigs is a slightly different undertaking than reviewing an e-liquid.  First and foremost, you have to use that delivery device and nothing else.  There’s no way to allow the e-juice enclosed inside the cigarette to steep in the open air, or to vary the voltage in order to affect the vapor production.  So, using my scoring method, a top score for a disposable cigarette can only be 400, not the usual 500 possible with separate e-juices.  All of that said, the first thing I noticed about the Logic Menthol 1.8% was the flavor, which admittedly was more peppermint-y than menthol-y.  The flavor is full-bodied, pleasing to the taste buds, and the olfactory qualities match the palatability.

Like the older 510-series, the atomizer is activated automatically when you draw air through the cartomizer.  (I’m looking for an e-cig that allows for switching between modes, because I always liked being able to walk around with the e-cig hanging out of my mouth, vaping away, while doing work with both free hands.)  The downside to automatic atomizers is that it takes a couple puffs in order to get the volume of vapor to reach a respectable level.  The Logic One-Pack Menthol 1.8% is no exception to this rule.  But since that’s the normal, working state of being for this device, I can’t very well take points away based on this.  Vapor production on this e-cig is not as good as anything you’ll get from any of the eGo-compatibles, but it’s considerably better than that of most other disposables.

Anyhoo, if you find yourself out and about with your usual e-cig still on the charger at home, and you need a decent nicotine hit so much you’re considering actually buying a pack of analogs, pick up this disposable instead and at least enjoy the breath-mint fresh taste of the Logic Minty Menthol flavor.  It’s worth the $5.00 and it’s never a bad thing to braoden your horizons by sampling other types of vaping options.


  1. I bought one (non-menthol) & I CANNOT GET IT 2 *bleeping* WORK– wen takin a “puff” … NOTHING! Sounds like sucking ίη air 〜 I HOPE ITS DEFECTIVE… OTHERWISE— REALLY SUX!! . . .
    Also NOTE → I think I’d prefer Menthol… Only bc the “non” doesNOT taste like tobacco… Where w/Menthol, that fact is masked beHIND the MENTHOL FLAVOR 〜 jis sayn…..