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VaperMate Cinna-Bun 50/50 30mg



I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I turn into an annoying, pleading little crumb-snatcher when I pass by a cinnamon bun place at the mall food court, or if it’s VaperMate’s mad skillz at manufacturing e-Juice, but I really enjoyed the hell out of this one.  The flavor of this nico-elixir is truly reminiscent of it’s name.  There are hints of cinnamon, a little vanilla, and something that I swear must be called “dough-flavor.”  This is a comfort juice for me.  It brings me back to my first job, working at a Fish and Chips place at my local mall, trading hush puppies for cinnamon buns… and cookies, and chicken sandwiches, and whatever else I could get my hungry, teenage hands on.  But I digress.  The only negative thing (if you can really call this a negative thing) I can say about the Cinna-Bun flavor is that it is very sweet.  I should also warn that the throat hit is strong on this one, thanks to the propylene glycol content.  This is definitely a dessert vape.  Using this as an ADV is not advised.  No doubt the sugary residue in your mouth would probably begin to make one nauseous, and the abuse to your throat might cause a bout of coughing.

The 50/50 PG/VG mix used in VaperMate’s 30mg (of nicotine) E-juice products unfortunately resulted in a stronger throat hit which is probably less pronounced in the VG-blend/18mg Cinna-Bun juice.  I would suggest to VaperMate that they work on finding a way to keep the higher nicotine percentages while maintaining a low PG content.  The store I visited, unfortunately, did not have the VG-blend in stock, so I imagine that the throat hit on the 18mg version is much better.  I plan on returning at a later date to purchase more.  I wonder, though, if the higher VG content will raise the sweetness value of the flavor.  That level of sweet flavor might actually be too much for the average human being to handle.  Only time will tell.

The vapor production of Cinna-Bun E-juice is as good as any other high quality liquid, and the billowing plumes of vaporized glycol carry a pleasant aroma that fetches complimentary oohs and ahhs from standers-by.  A few of my friends inquired of our bartender about the sudden availability of chai tea at a kava bar (which would be highly unusual, if you’ve ever been to a kava bar).  The cinnamon essence is unmistakeable, and coupled with that hint of vanilla and mysterious, dough-like flavoring mentioned earlier, I can easily see how the nose could be tricked into thinking that a hot chai tea is emitting steamy pleasantness somewhere nearby.

In conclusion, I was very pleased with this E-liquid.  Steeping takes very well to VaperMate’s products, and the cinnamon bun flavor was definitely more potent and more cinnamon-bun-like after two days of exposure to a cool, dark place (i.e. the inside of my kitchen cabinet).  Increasing the voltage on my ESCO also yielded desirable results, namely a thicker, pleasant-smelling vapor.  All in all, I recommend ordering a couple 5ml bottles (as far as I can tell there are no 10ml or 30ml options) and putting this flavor aside in it’s own clearomizer for use after fancy meals, when the men go into the den to don their smoking jackets and talk politics over a thick fog of tobacco.  It’s healthier and tastier than the traditional, after-dinner cigar, not to mention more-aromatic, and it will also add the aura of a bakery to your whole house over time.  You’ll save money on scented candles, and you’ll add that extra touch of sensory satisfaction for your guests.