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TopVapor is definitely a company I plan on looking into a little more thoroughly.  I enjoyed the flavor of this E-liquid, and even though the PG/VG percentages aren’t advertised or recorded anywhere (at least in a publicly-accessible way) I’m guessing that the VG content is fairly high in this juice.  Green apple is one of those essential, basic fruit flavors.  It essentially amounts to regular apple flavoring with a slight leaning towards sourness.  TopVapor’s Green Apple concoction certainly impresses the correct taste on your tongue.

The throat hit and vapor production on this brand’s E-juice (using this flavor as a measuring stick) is a little weak for my taste.  It’s possible that the vegetable glycol content may actually be a bit too high.  A small amount of propylene glycol is actually necessary to impart upon the vaper at least a little throat hit, just so one can be aware that something other than standard, polluted Earthling air is passing down into one’s recovering, ex-smoker lungs.  The amount of vapor produced by the atomizers in my eGo-C, eGo-T with CE5 atomizer, and my ESCO E2 with Megatwix clearomizer, was somewhat disappointing.  I had to crank up the voltage on the ESCO in order to get analog-cigarette-esque vapor.

I do, at this point in the review, have to throw some props up to TopVapor for the extremely pleasant aroma of their Green Apple E-Juice.  Everyone around me started inquiring about who was chewing on sour apple gum, and if they could have a piece.  (I wonder when they’ll figure out that I vape an E-cigarette, and that the varying foreign aromas they are detecting on a daily basis are more than likely being emitted by said E-cig.)  Seriously, though, vaping this flavor of TopVapor is like sitting in a candy/chocolate shop when they are making candy-coated apples.  I loved it!

So, all in all, I did enjoy TopVapor’s Green Apple E-Juice, but there’s some room for improvement.  I’m looking forward not only to trying all of their other flavors, but also to seeing how they mature as a company over time.  I have a few friends who work for an E-liquid manufacturer and they have informed me that the laboratory process of juice creation is a trial and error learning process, and a mixture of art and science.  Finding the perfect recipe takes some time, which is worth it in the end when a perfect 500 score is finally reached in my Über-strict, admitedly-overly complex rating system.  That elusive score has yet to be achieved, and it may never be achieved… but if a score of 500 is granted eventually, that E-juice will really be something special.  I see my ratings as sort of a Ninja Warrior of E-Juice review blogs… it’s almost impossible to win, but if you do, you’ve accomplished something truly admirable and memorable.