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At one time in my life as a smoker, I was smoking, no joke, two to three packs of clove cigarettes per day!  And this was back in the day when they came 20 to a pack instead of twelve.  For those of you who were never baptised by the fire of burning clove-flavored tobacco, clove cigarettes are about ten times worse for your lungs than regular cigs… the clove oil emulsified in the smoke acts as a fairly potent anesthetic on your throat whenever you inhale, so you can’t actually feel yourself dying, and are unaware that it is even happening until you cough up blood one day.  Cloves also differ from regular, analog cigarettes in that they don’t smell horrible.  On the contrary, people usually are happy to be standing around someone who is smoking cloves.  The only other time of year that the general populace gets to experience that pleasant aroma is while the Thanksgiving or Easter Ham is baking in their kitchens at home.

VaperMate has devised a way for us to experience the glorious joys of clove-smoking  while keeping ourselves happily attached to the realm of the living.  Your olfactory nerves are going to leap for joy as soon as your atomizer performs it’s duty on the liquid of the VG-heavy, Clove E-juice of the VaperMate company.  And everyone standing within sniffing distance will suddenly feel the warm, nostalgic touch of clove in their nostrils.


(Guys ONLY: chicks love being around clove smokers/vapers!)


Regarding the actual flavoring itself… VaperMate has pretty much nailed the exact flavor of the clove spice.  There’s also a small hint of a sour fruitiness to it, which may be a touch of red currant flavor, or my own Thanksgiving-driven expectations.  Regardless, I mixed this E-Juice with an actual Red Currant E-Liquid I’ve had laying around for some time, and the result was staggeringly glorious!  My grandmother, and by extension my mother, always make a sauce for our ham (especially when I’m on the guest list for dinner) that is essentially made out of heated red currant jelly and clove (along with some other holiday spices)  Every single puff I take on my Megatwix with both flavors loaded is a reminder of how it’s time for another ham dinner at the folks’ place!

The throat hit on this juice is difficult to rate, because the clove flavoring does not exactly impart the same anesthetic results on your throat as you inhale as does it’s analog counterpart.  Most E-juices are flavored for the sake of the flavor, not the smoking equivalence factor.  However, I tend to see Tobacco, Menthol, and Clove as exceptions to that rule.  A clove flavoring should, at least in my opinion, numb your throat when you breath it in, just like a Djarum Black.  The vapor production is equal to the smoke production of an analog, so it feels weird (at least for a veteran clove-smoker) to not experience the numbing.  I have no idea how to capture this trait in an E-liquid, and I don’t want to dock too many points for this reason.  However, this is the first time I’ve ever noticed just how strong of a flavor clove is in gaseous form, and this is because my throat is exposed to it in the entirety of it’s full strength.  So, in short, vapers who were not heavy smokers beforehand may not find this particular flavor very pleasing at all.  There’s a slight essence of burning in the after-taste on the back of the tongue and in the throat.  This essence is almost completely non-existent after a day of steeping, so be patient with this one.

My heartfelt recommendation for VaperMate’s 18mg Clove E-Juice is directed more towards fans (present or former) of clove analog cigarettes (Like Djarum, Sampoerna, Gudang Garam, etc) than to the standard E-liquid vaper.  However, if you just happen to love the taste and smell of cloves, and don’t mind a stronger, more full-bodied vaping experience, give this one a shot.  I will warn, however, that cranking up the voltage on your VV E-cig is not recommended.  The flavor becomes too strong and the burnt property becomes a little more unmistakable.