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Willful and Malicious Sabotage by the FDA



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Here’s another example of the kind of agenda-driven misinformation that seems to have our once-great nation by the throat.  A group of scaremongering, malicious, pseudo-do-gooders have reported all over the Internet and other outlets of information technology that e-cigarettes contain diethylene glycol, which is toxic to human beings and capable of causing cancer, losing the war on terror, and releasing the locusts from the gates of Hell.  While it is actually true that a certain amount of diethylene glycol is poisonous to us, what seems to be left out of this by quacks like Dr. Oz is the fact that the amount of DG (diethylene glycol) found in a few (NOT ALL) of the e-cigarette cartridges tested was significantly less than the amounts found in common, OTC aspirin and extremely less than the amounts found in 100% of analog, tobacco-burning cigarettes.  (It can also be found in toothpaste, over-the-counter meds like cough syrup, wine, etc.)  They also conveniently “forgot” to mention their own standards for quantities of DG that are considered safe for human consumption.  Let me reiterate that:  They (the FDA) have themselves officially published regulations and restrictions concerning safe quantities of diethylene glycol, and their own tests of e-cigarette cartridges revealed that one out of 18 of those cartridges contained trace amounts of DG that fall WELL WITHIN their own, established guidelines.  In fact, one would need to absorb the probably-not-even-present DG from well over ten thousand E-cig cartridges per day in order to reach anything close to dangerous amounts.

I don’t want to start throwing around wild accusations here, but I think it’s relatively safe to say at least this… The FDA sucks in money like a singularity in space, while large companies vomit billions (if not trillions) of dollars into the gravitational pull.  The FDA purposefully publishes misinformation (which is defined as fallacious information delivered ON PURPOSE!) in order to suck more billions of dollars (or even Euros) into itself.  The FDA is also the Devil incarnate and condemned to freeze in the farthest reaches of the Inferno for the evil they perpetrate.

Please post this everywhere!  Social networking sites, email, printed out and pinned up at work, read it to your children so they can learn to think for themselves, and contact your representatives.  Remember, the ultimate danger here is that a technology that successfully enacts harm reduction on a dangerous addictive habit is in danger of being derailed and turned into a crime all because R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris went blubbering and toddler-sobbing to the FDA saying, “The… the… the… e-c…c…c…cigarettes stole one/one thousandth of a percent of our profits, mom… mom… MOMMY!!!!”  I don’t know about you, but I can’t allow this to happen.


  1. I agree with your article, however I am not too worried by that study, it has been ridiculed for years now. Don’t bother writing an article about it – everyone that is interested in the truth allready knows it’s a load of crap, and ANTZ will continue coining it – because to them the truth does not matter.

    There are allready plenty studies that prove it wrong, and as a scientific study, it is a joke. They do not even list where they got the juices from.

    • So long as the ANTZ continue referring to it in their propoganda, we should continue to refute it as many times as neccessary. There are plenty of people out there who are only just becoming aware of the existence of E-cigarettes. If their first exposure to it is a bullshit study about how vaping E-cigs is equivalent to drinking from your cars tailpipe, they are likely to come into this issue with a misconception that must be countered over and over again…