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Certain flavors/smells instantaneously transport you to another place… our senses of nostalgia are highly dependent on our “other” senses, the ones that aren’t touch or vision.  About ten years ago, I tried apricot nectar at a friends house.  I suddenly became aware of a flavor that went further back than I could remember.  After an extensive investigation, I was informed by my mother that my favorite baby food as an infant was apricot!  VaperMate, one of my ADV E-juice manufacturers, has captured another one of those nostalgic feelings in their Fire Cured liquid.  Upon vaping this brilliant creation, I was transferred back to the field (read Marine Corps field exercises), when we all sat around a camp fire for hours and hours talking about nothing but food and bowel movements.  (You’d really have to be a Marine to understand why this is a good memory.)  Now, before you read this wrong, the vapor of this E-liquid doesn’t remind me of the bowel movements.  It reminds me of that crisp camp-fire-mixed-with-moist-earth aroma that fills the air at a camp site.

I cocktailed VaporMate Fire Cured with VaporMate’s Clove juice… the resulting amazingness tasted very much like Thanksgiving ham… smoked Thanksgiving ham!  I know that this might seem like an odd flavor to find in an E-cigarette vapor, but in my opinion, it worked very well.  The flavor definitely carries with it an essence of burning wood.  Now, it’s important to highlight here that burning flavor, in this particular case, is not to be confused with burnt flavor… which would be considered a very bad thing in the vaping universe.  It changes from hickory smoking, to burning oak, cedar, etc.  With the right flavors, this could be a very interesting cocktail juice, and I intend to explore this potential as far as it’ll go.

I wasn’t able to vape VaperMate’s Fire Cured around other people, so I can’t offer any information regarding how the vapor of this juice is received by others’ senses… but I can tell you that a strong French inhale with this flavor is instrumental to conveying that full nostalgic experience.  Thankfully, this liquid produces a fair amount of vapor so your French inhale can be accomplished with enough to spare for a full lung, standard throat hit (which is very respectable in this product).  The “flavor” exhibited here is based more on scents than tastes, so allowing your nostrils access to the vaporized glycol is more than half the experience.

I really can’t say enough about this one.  VaperMate has done it again, and they’ve shown true American ingenuity coupled with the maturity as a company to utilize better ingredients for increased quality, rather than succumbing to cheaper ingredients just to squeeze a few extra cents worth of profit out of each sale.