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Studies Warrant Further Investigation into E-cig/Smoking Cessation



I figured that I better write up something about these two studies before the all-knowing, omnipotent FDA decides to quietly sweep the evidence under the rug.  Both of these studies, one by the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the other by the University of East London, took a large group of dependent smokers and gave them E-cigs.  Some of them got 0mgs and others got 18mgs, and still others got nothing at all, not even an E-cigarette.  Now, the result of this experiment should be a no-brainer in a sane world… but that’s not where we currently reside, so here they are:  The smokers experienced (wait for it…) less desire for nicotine 20 minutes after vaping than those who had no E-cigarette.  It’s interesting to note that among women the results were the same with both 0mg and 18mg e-cigs.  Men, on the other hand, responded more favorably to the presence of nicotine.

Both studies were published in 2012.  LiveScience.com published an article in May, 2013 stating that smokers have been buying E-cigarettes to help them quit smoking “…despite any evidence that the device [e-cigarettes] work.”  The FDA warned the public that e-cigarettes are NOT to be referred to as “legitimate smoking cessation therapy” on April 12th of this year (2013).  Months after these studies were made available to the public, the World Health Organization called for all countries to ban e-cigarettes outright because they promote tobacco smoking.

Now for the really scary part… Camel is about to distribute their own e-cigarette.  R.J. Reynolds in already equipped and experienced in meeting FDA regulations regarding tobacco products, which is something that has become so convoluted and needlessly complex that only a company the size of R.J. Reynolds or Philip Morris could possibly hope to follow the new regulations regarding E-cigarettes.  They don’t care if E-cigarettes become labeled as a tobacco product, because they already manufacture and sell tobacco products.  They are threatened by the rising popularity of vaping and E-cigarettes, and they don’t just want a piece of the action… they want all the action.  The CEO of Reynolds commented in a thinly-veiled “f*** you!” to smaller, privately owned and operated E-cigarette companies and E-liquid manufacturers, “We look forward to interacting with the FDA as they promulgate rules and regulations for the market…If anybody can meet product standards, we can.”

So, it’s time to actually wake up, America, and see when you’re being swindled and treated like an utter fool!  If I were you, I wouldn’t stand for it… even if you don’t have a proverbial horse in this race (i.e. non-smokers/non-vapers).  But that’s just me… recent history suggests that we’ll by-and-large just lay down and take it while chanting “E-cigs are bad!” just like the FDA trains us to do.  Go ahead… prove me wrong.

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