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OK, Does This Bother Anybody Else?



This is really bugging the shit out of me.  (Forgive the use of the word “shit.”  I usually don’t use words like “shit” while I’m writing, but I got a serious shittin’ problem with this!)  I’ve been looking for pictures of celebrities vaping to put up as small, entertaining posts on this website.  Unfortunately, there seem to be very few celebrities who vape, and the ones who do seem to have no interest of knowledge in “real” vaping, and have only been photographed vaping crappy, convenience store throw away models like Blu, NJoy, etc.  Bruno Mars actually just recently invested in the NJoy company, which has been “acquired” by the Lorillard company (the Big Tobacco firm responsible for Newport and Maverick)  If you’ve been reading my other articles, you’ll know what an immensely bad idea that is.  Quit smoking through vaping, then invest in the very thing that’s trying to get you back on cigarettes.  Good job, Bruno!

Where are the celebrities with gorgeous e-cig mods, kick-ass VV batteries, top-of-the-line clearomizers, and E-juices imported from the South of France?  The only pictures out there are of celebrities holding tiny, cartridge-based, ancient 510-series joke-e-cigs.  Are they all really so stupid and unwilling to do anything for themselves that involves even the most pedestrian amount of research?  They have the money to buy an impressive collection of crazy, unusual, custom-built mods.  They have the power to promote real vaping technologies and clean ingredients against the onslaught of Big Tobacco and their planned additive-laced e-cig brands, but they vape the very e-cigarettes that have already been bought up by the Big Tobacco conglomerates!  WTF, Hollywood!?!?

And the insult is complete with pictures like the above dumbassery.  The article that accompanied this picture was about Simon Cowell switching from his two pack-a-day habit to vaping, so what picture do they take?  Why, a picture of Simon Cowell smoking an analog cigarette, of course!  Because obviously that encapsulates the gist of the entire article about QUITTING SMOKING!  I have to take a break… a stream of dark red blood just fell out of my eye and I hear rushing water.