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Secondhand Vaping? Are you Serious, FDA?



I suppose this was wholly inevitable.  The majestic Food and Drug Administration is now suggesting that people who are in the same room as someone enjoying their new found health through an E-cigarette filled with clean, harmless ingredients (Yes, nicotine is actually harmless under most circumstances… Google it!) are now in danger of catching the cancer and dying a horrible screaming death, alone and unloved.

According to their Holiness, the FDA, the emitted smoke (yes, they actually believe that e-cigarettes emit smoke) contains “ultra-fine liquid particles” (just like in real smoke, right?) laden with every carcinogen known to man… including lead.  So, it’s safe to say that the FDA has moved completely over to fiction now in their announcements, statements, and official documentation.  But my question to them is this:  What about the massive quantities of rat poison in printer ink which is propelled through the air on the backs of sound waves created by the noisy printer motor?  Or how ’bout those deadly, irradiated flubblerictens that fall off of spiderwebs hanging over airport bathroom stalls on Thursday afternoons?  See, I can make up wild, senseless facts, too!

The one thing that bothers me the most about this new vomitous schlock spewed forth from the Big Tobacco-owned lips of the FDA is their insistence on referring to E-cigarette vapor as “emissions.”  This is a great example of wordage chosen specifically to invoke a conditioned response.  The conditioned response in this case is a negative one, due to the association of the word “emissions” with the chemical fumes given off by vehicles and industrial machines.  Someone in the insane asylum of the FDA is at the very least skilled enough in spin doctoring to use a word with extremely negative popular connotations to, in turn, condition a new response in the reader/viewer.  The response they want to instill in you is that E-cigarettes pollute the air with dangerous, poisonous emissions and must be slain at all costs to save our children and our childrens’ children from man-eating, flesh-charring, fire-breathing demon dragons from Hell… or something like that.

P.S.  Pay attention to the interesting fact that each time the FDA releases yet another statement on the dangers of E-cigarettes, they conveniently add another non-existent, poisonous component, or additive to E-cig vapor… Now we’re up to the following list:  tobacco-specific nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, acetone, form aldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzo(a)pyrene as well as silicate and various metal particles (sodium, iron, aluminum, nickel, copper, magnesium, lead, chromium, manganese, while potassium, and zinc) are all present in something that doesn’t actually consist of ANY of that.  Let’s see what else we can add next time.  And by the way, aren’t you (FDA) trying to regulate E-cigarettes specifically so that Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds can add their own, addiction-increasing, cancer-causing additives to their own brands of E-cigs?  Can you say “inconsistent contradictions?”