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Mt. Baker Vapor- Cucumber Mint


What I like about Mt. Baker Vapors so far is the ingenuity behind their flavor mixes.  Their Cucumber Mint E-juice is no exception to this rule, and I couldn’t help but be completely fascinated by this fusion of tastes.  It’s almost impossible to describe just how this vapor hits the tongue, but I’ll do my best… The first drag I took of this E-liquid introduced the strong minty/mentholy presence.  The cucumber has it’s own brand of cooling sensation, different yet complimentary to the cooling of the mint.  I did detect a slight earthy flavor just briefly on the exhale, but I was outdoors at the time… maybe somebody had recently mowed their lawn nearby.  I wasn’t able to replicate the earthiness after that.

There are a slew feminine hygiene products available out there that are cucumber-based.  Even some that employ the cucumber/mint combination.  My wife uses one of these fairly regularly.  The scent and scent-flavor of this vapor is highly suggestive of these products, and I see that as a good thing, but I suppose that’s all a matter of taste.  The pairing of cooling effects in Mt. Baker Vapor’s Cucumber-Mint makes for a very smooth, yet adequately noticeable throat hit.  I’d even venture to suggest that the cucumber and mint medley affects the vaper with a sense of calming energy (I know, that sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s the best I can do to describe).  My only real issue with this flavor is that the cucumber flavor is easily missed if you stop paying attention to the tasting process, and the mint seems to stand out by itself.  Maybe a little less menthol and a little more cucumber would improve this E-juice slightly.

Steeping, unfortunately, didn’t seem to do a whole lot to improve, or highlight the flavor of this liquid.  Cranking up the voltage, however, stressed the cooling sensation even more, which is odd considering the tendency for burning associated with higher voltage e-cigarette batteries.  The higher voltage also increased the aura of aroma emanating from the E-cig.  I asked a few of my friends what their nostrils detected form my vapor, and they responded that all they could really pick up on was the mint.

So far, I’m pleased with Mt. Baker Vapor, and I have a few more flavors to try and review.  Just for sh*ts and grins, I used my Megatwix Dual-Tank Clearomizer to combine Mt. Baker Vapor’s Whipped Cream and Cucumber-Mint.  I’m glad that I was sh*tting and grinning at that particular moment because the resulting cocktail was spectacular!  It make the mint flavor so incredibly smooth.  It reminded me of crème de menthe and cream.  If you’re into cocktailing E-juices… don’t miss this strange but wonderful kinship of unlikely spirits.

If it's your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you've ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!
If it’s your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you’ve ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!