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Brainstorming Some Guerilla Activism for Vaping Rights



In light of the information I’ve uncovered through my investigations into the multi-layered corruptions In both the FDA and Big Tobacco Corporations, both individually and as a dynamic pair of vicious, rabid beasts, I’ve come to realize that it’s going to take some sort of unexpected, wholly original plan of action in order to even stand a chance of fighting the upcoming legal and legislative onslaughts concerning E-cigarettes and vaping.  Guerilla activism is characterized by a combination of both the spirit of protest and ingenuity in lieu of multi-million dollar campaigns.  So, I’ve literally racked my brain for a solution that the enemy won’t see coming.

Here’s what I’ve come up with… and unfortunately I don’t even have the funds to make this happen, but maybe someone else does.  This idea occurred to me through a conversation about the all-too common gay marriage debate.  I argued over a shell (cup) of kava the other day that the best way for the gay community to win their fight for the legalization of same-sex marriages would be for a group of activists to file for 501c3, non-profit corporation status and incept a “religion” containing official tenets establishing the allowance and acceptance of same-sex unions.  This was an academic debate, and not at all based on personal feelings over the issue, of which I have none.  I’m an I’ll-stay-over-here-and-you-stay-over-there kind of person.  I do, however, have personal feelings about the issue of vaping and E-cigarettes.

So, I applied the same concept to our current dilemma and danger:  How do we keep the evil, flesh-eating FDA and the malicious, soul-sucking Big Tobacco Companies from derailing our one saving grace in the world of addiction harm reduction?  Simple:  Let’s file for 501c3 status for the formation of an officially recognized “religion” that cultivates the physical and mental health of its believers through the outright banning of cigarette smoking, and the requirement of utilizing e-cigarettes instead.  This can be a smaller dogma under the parent dogmatic category of “acceptance and utilization of technology for spiritual health.

I don’t know… maybe this is a far-fetched plan that seems ridiculous or over-reactive.  But what is the FDA going to do when we counter their new e-cigarette regulations with an appeal to the “free practice of religion” item in the Bill of Rights?  Are they prepared to tell us that we can’t exercise our firmly-held religious beliefs?  What if another of those beliefs is a prohibition against unnatural, chemical additives in food, drugs, “tobacco/nicotine” products, etc?

So, in order for this to work, our protest against the planned shenanigans of Big Tobacco’s polluting of E-juice, which heretofore only contained four ingredients, could take place under the protective banner of religious freedom… think about it.  This doesn’t mean that we require complete religious loyalty… This religious organization wouldn’t have any problem  with you going to mass on Sunday, or Sabbath on Saturday, or the drum circle on Tuesday evening.  Let’s do something that they wouldn’t be able to predict in a thousand years!  All we need is somebody to finance the 501c3, which I’d be happy to do if I could just talk my bill collectors into giving me a free month off.