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Beat the Anti-Vapers at their own Game!



In an effort to give credit where credit is due, I stumbled across this idea in the response forum to “Call to Action- California E-Cigarette” on CASAA.org’s blog (CASAA = Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association).  The response that I found revolutionary in it’s ingenuity was posted by user BXCellent in response to the suggestion that recent legislation in California, the land of really dumb-f**k ideas and total misunderstandings of social-responsibility, has made regarding vapers.  If passed, vaping would be categorized exactly the same as smoking, so that means you won’t be able to vape in workplaces, indoors in public places, on the public sidewalk outdoors in Hollywood Hills, and within 20 miles (or whatever the distance is) of a doorway.

BXCellent suggested in response to this aggressive anti-vaping move that we retaliate with the same vigor they’re throwing at us and file suits protesting the fact that vapers are now being forced to be in close proximity to the very thing they are trying to stay away from through the blessing of harm reduction, electronic cigarette technology.  Why not?  If they’re going to treat e-cigarettes as tobacco (smoking) products, then obviously vapers will be forced into smoking areas in order to utilize their health-rescuing devices.  So the vapor, who more than likely began the practice of vaping to replace the much more dangerous practice of (analog) cigarette smoking, will now be forced to stand next to burning cigarettes, breathing their toxic, carcinogen-laden, second-hand smoke into their recently liberated lungs.

I’ve noticed that a lot of readers of the various e-cigarette news sources out there are responding, rightfully so, to bad news about threats to the e-cig community with statements like, “What do we do to stop this?”  Well, here’s a start.  If they’re gonna file ridiculous legislation about us, we can throw a few not-so-frivolous lawsuits their way.

This is the way we’re gonna win this fight.  They (the self-important pricks who feel that they have been ordained high priests of ruling all others in their presence) need to know that we bring a gun to a knife fight, a tank to a gun fight, a battleship to a tank fight, a nuclear missile silo to a large-scale naval battle, a star destroyer to a nuclear war, and a Death Star to a star destroyer skirmish… you get the idea.  And I don’t mind nominating myself for the Star Wars reference of the week award.


      • But using their lies implies that we believe their lies. I’m just kind of repeating what CASAA said to an earlier post of this idea on FB. Just as hanging out with smokers will give us cancer etc.
        I totally agree that it is time to take the gloves off but I think/know that CASAA has the experience to lead us the right way.