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Cravin’ Vapes- Strawberry/Banana



Love this picture!  The one for Strawberry/Kiwi is even better, so check it out if you get a chance at the manufacturers website.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled program:  I was introduced to this company through a vaping friend of mine, and it was described to me as a good, discount E-juice company.  After trying this one flavor, I venture to say that the products of this manufacturer taste like they’re from a discount E-juice company.  That doesn’t mean, necessarily, that the juice is bad.  It’s just that it could be a lot better with higher quality ingredients.

The taste of Cravin’ Vapes’ Strawberry/Banana is definitely detectable as a mixture of strawberries and banana, but the flavor is light and could be a little stronger.  The smoothness of the vape was exactly as expected from a 50/50 PG/VG mix, so the throat hit is a little rough, but not nearly as bad as other discount E-liquid brands with the same PG/VG ratio, making this brand a good choice if you’re looking to cut costs while sacrificing as little quality as possible.  Let’s not forget that walking into a convenience store as a smoker, there is a veritable plethora of tobacco brands and qualities to choose from, depending on your taste and budget.  Pall Mall and L&M are among the less expensive brands, but I would much prefer (when I still smoked) an L&M to a Pall Mall because to me, the quality, taste, and smoothness are a little better than that of Pall Mall.  E-juices are the same way, and retailers need to become aware of this fact.  Cravin’ Vapes could be the E-Liquid equivalent to L&M cigarettes, while Hangsen’s or E_Liquid Depot would be more akin to Pall Malls, and Mr. Nice Guy, Flavorz by Joe, and VaperMate would be more like your top-of-the-line Benson and Hedges, Nat Shermans, Dunhills, or Davidoffs.  If you are an owner of a Vape-related business and you sell E-juices, carrying a variety of different brands and qualities will draw a wider range of customers into your establishment.

I’m beginning to notice a trend with the less expensive brands of E-juices; that steeping and playing around with your voltage can make all the difference.  With Cravin’ Vapes’ concoction, I steeped overnight and used 4.5 volts on my ESCO to crank up the production of vapor.  With this particular juice, both of these factors improved both the volume of vapor and the flavor.  The one category of my rating process that I was the most disappointed in was the olfactory reception of the vapor plumes.  I can’t say that this vapor smells either good or bad.  It actually has no smell at all.  This also means that the all important French inhale of the experienced vaper is completely unnecessary in this case.

If you’re a vaper on a budget, and you’re wanting to get the best flavor and quality for your dollar (or pound, or Euro, or peso) look into ordering directly from Cravin’ Vapes’ website or find a local retailer offering their fare.  Given the requirements of keeping your E-juice costs down as low as possible, you’ll be very happy with this decision.