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CASAA Needs Donations NOW!



The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association has just launched it’s first major fund-raiser for purposes of scientific research.  Now, I know that the FDA blatantly ignores all scientific research that doesn’t fit into their imaginary fantasyland of pseudo-facts supporting their “issues” (read: paid kickbacks).  However, this research will mean something to the general public, even though we could just make stuff up and they’d (the public) would probably buy it, if their willingness to swallow whatever the FDA gives them to swallow is any indication of how easy they are to win over.  But I, and many other more sensible people who still have a scruple or two in their souls, think that the public deserves better than that.  They deserve real information and real evidence… especially when that information and evidence so obviously points to the real answer in this ongoing debate.

We have to prove, again and again until it sticks, that all of these imaginary chemicals like lead and anti-freeze (yes, they really do make these claims) aren’t actually present in E-liquids, and that vaping actually is a valid method of smoking cessation.  The opposition (what I like to call the Federal Department of Ass-hats) claims that vaping is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than traditional, analog smoking.  They claim that poisons are present in E-cigarettes, and in the same breath they agree to “regulate” E-cigarettes in such a way as to support Big Tobacco corporations’ addition of more addictive chemicals to E-liquid mixtures.

We’re already going into this game with a handicap, and that is the fact that we are not corrupt, sneaky bureaucrats.  We want to treat this issue honestly and present real, scientifically tested and verified information.  We want to present logic and reason instead of lies and misquoted spin doctoring.  In order to do this, we (the CASAA) needs donations, and needs them soon.  Our enemy is already mobilized against us, so we have no time to lose at this point.

The first project planned by the CASAA requires $15,000 so that a grant can be offered to Dr. Carl V. Phillips (a man with impressive, impeccable credentials in the field of scientific research) to essentially map the whole, entire chemistry of E-liquid and the vapor created by that liquid’s exposure to E-cigarettes’ atomizers.  This is a great place to start, and the results can be available as early as this coming Autumn if the funds are raised fast enough.  Time is definitely an issue with this research because several states are already pushing for legislation either banning or severely restricting the practice of vaping by treating it as a tobacco product.

The spin doctoring of the FDA and Big Tobacco is a massive obstacle to negotiate, but it’s not impossible.  Let’s all sacrifice something this month and send the CASAA a little money so we can get this research started ASAP.  I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes.  I’ll definitely never be able to quit again if this attempt doesn’t work out.  Vaping and E-cigarettes has been a huge blessing in my life, not only because of improved health and prolonged life expectancy, but also financially-speaking.  I’m saving an incredibly enormous amount of money on nicotine-based E-juices over the alternative of nicotine-based cigarettes.  I know you all are in the same boat.  Let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it.  I, for one, am going to donate as much as I can.  In fact, once I start allowing advertising on my blog/website I promise to donate 10% of my proceeds to the CASAA.

Link to CASAA Fundraising Website


  1. I don’t mean to pick on you but this fundraiser is from February and has already met the 15k and more I think. There should be a CASAA webinar this thursday to get up to date info on where the research thing is.

  2. +1 to the previous comment. We actually met our goal for that particular fundraiser in just 4 days, thanks the the great support of the community. The research fund is still raising money for our next project, which we have not announced yet, so donations are most welcome and we assure you we will be making very good use of them. But that last one is done and we will announce a new targeted fundraiser for the next one.

    At the member meeting (that Thursday meeting the previous comment mentions) I can indeed provide an update on this, since there seems to be some immediate demand.