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R.J. Reynolds Talks Sh*t about the Existing E-Cig Industry



There’s some mighty big words coming out of R.J. Reynolds these days… As most of you know, the formidable creator of Camel cigarettes is releasing their version of e-cigs soon… in fact, they are introducing Vuse e-cigs into Colorado very soon.  And there are more than a few boastful remarks and subtle threats going on in their press release covering the test-market introduction of Vuse to Colorado.

First, they call their product a “game-changing product in the e-cigarette category.”  I suppose with their impressive array of flavors which includes menthol and… non-menthol, they are definitely positioned to grab the e-cig business by the proverbial short-and-curlies.  And their offerings of cartridges is soooo 2013… or 2007 to be completely accurate.

The thing that concerns me isn’t that their product is going to be in any way, shape, or form better, or even in the same ballpark as our more advanced variety of e-cig… I actually tremble in fear (if I wasn’t such a fearless, former-Marine, killer of small mammals) is the fact that the press release states things like, “few adult smokers are switching to them (e-cigs) entirely… because the products currently on the market aren’t providing everything adult smokers are looking for.”  If you know about Big Tobacco’s use of reconstituted tobacco in order to convert the nicotine to free-form nicotine (stronger that the former), then in this statement you’ll hear them actually say, “we can keep these adult smokers enslaved with additives with increased addictive properties, and the other guys can’t afford to do that.”

There are other veiling terms used in the release, such as “consistent reliable performance,” “consistently reliable,” etc.  When R.J. Reynolds (And Philip Morris, Lorillard, etc.) uses this terminology to verbally normalize and veil the truth that they use highly addictive chemical additives to make their tobacco (and in this case, their e-liquid) “consistent.”  I could pull off a similar manipulation of language if I told the police that I’m naturally cross-eyed, and I needed to have those twelve shots of Jack Daniels in order to “normalize” my vision for purposes of operating a vehicle.  I’m guessing the cop would see through me bullsh*t statement and take his handcuffs out.  Unless, of course, I was the richest guy in town and contributed to the building of half the government buildings in town.  Then he’d probably pull me over just to offer his services in escorting me home.


  1. I think what this is, is they intentionally make a crap product so smokers will have a bad first experience with ecigs and go back to smoking. In addition to this, did u notice how they Keep saying few ‘adult smokers’ are going to ecigs? What about non-adult smokers, are they switching? Imo, that’s what they want u to think, is that the only thing the ecig industry is doing is harming kids. it reminds me of the recent issue with the American cancer society being the ONLY ppl in the room to OPOSE legislation that would ban the sale of ecigs to minors. Because they WANT there to be controversy and danger in the ecig industry. After all, if nobody had cancer, they’d be out of a job. And the elitists at the top of R.J. Reynolds, the FDA, And the ACC are all working together, u can count on that.

  2. It clearly bothers me that a company I used to buy cigarettes from would blast the present status of the vaping community to lure people into buying their “version” of an ecig. It may be bigger, but in NO WAY does it compare to other disposables such as the NJOY King. What they should have done was get a bunch of vaping enthusiasts to help in the development, then align themselves WITH the vaping community. At the VERY LEAST, they would have had a product worth talking about with present-day smokers as a form of tobacco harm reduction. *sighs*

    • I know. The problem is that these companies, especially Altria (Philip Morris) Group, which is one of the most powerful companies in the world according to a recent Forbes report, have a condescending God complex. I can hear the gears turning in their greedy heads: “These e-cig things are a bother. How do we turn this into something else we rule and crush millions of people in the process?” This stuff makes me so, friggin’ angry I want to go back into the Marine Corps and take it out on all the stuff I’m shooting at.