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T5 (CE8) Wickless Clearomizer



I know that the expressed purpose of this blog site isn’t to review E-cigarette hardware, but I feel that it’s my duty as a vocal, involved member of the vaping community, to inform you all of this absolutely marvellous device.  I purchased this particular clearomizer under the label “T5.”  It seems to also be available on various other websites as the “CE8.”  They could call it “dog poop” and if it preforms like this, the name wouldn’t matter to me.  I seem to remember a Shakespeare quote in a Leonardo DeCaprio flick about names and whatnot.  Anyways, this spectacular clearomizer beats the proverbial socks off even most of its higher priced competitors.

I figured that the absence of a wick was just a gimmick, and that the operation of the T5 would be similar or worse than the various other “CE” varieties of clearomizers, but I was wrong.  Essentially, there actually is a wick, but it’s a tube-shaped, mesh wick inside the column of the device.  The pre-punched holes on the sides of the column allow your E-juice access to the wick.  (This is actually where the only problem with this clearomizer lies… once the level of the E-liquid drops below that of the bottom hole, it’s time for a refill.  But the benefits outweigh the one drawback by a long shot!)  As far as I can tell, and I’ve had a little trouble verifying this, the heating “coil” runs the entire length of the column through the center of the wick-tube.  If you desire to switch to a different flavor/brand of juice, this clearomizer can be broken down into it’s component parts (as seen in the above picture) and washed with water.  Once it dries, there is absolutely no remaining flavor of the previous juice left!

The draw of the T5 is unparalleled in the category of inexpensive clearomizers/cartomizers.  Even the expensive versions are hard-pressed to compete.  Every puff seems accurately measured to be roughly equal to the puff before it.  The vapor produced (at least by quality E-liquid… I’m not about to put cheap juice in this thing) is thick and very smoke-like.  Flavor seems to be maintained through the atomization phase better than in other models.  I have only experienced the dreaded “burnt” flavor once with my T5, and that’s how I learned about the unfortunate requirement to refill once the bottom hole is left dry.  Otherwise, this is the smoothest, most consistently reliable clearomizer I own.

As I’ve stated before, I buy the majority of my supplies and All-Day-Vapes from Island Root Kava Bar in Downtown Melbourne, FL.  The owner of the kava bar also owns and operates Mr. Nice Guy Vape (No, I don’t fudge my reviews in favor of his product… he really does make one of the best E-liquids I’ve tasted).  So he is able to offer equipment and E-juices at a much lower rate than most retailers, because he skips the wholesale step and goes directly from warehouse to retail.  So, in short, I purchased this clearomizer for a competitively low $6.00 USD… I’ve seen the T5 (CE8) for sale on some websites for as low as $7 or $8, plus shipping.  Either way, this flagship of clearomizers is very affordable and offers the user a level of consistency and quality not found in many of the more expensive options.  My advise to you… buy a bunch of these and use them as your standard, every day clearomizers.  You’re level of enjoyment in casual vaping will rise considerably.


    • There are several companies that manufacture this same model. I’ve had FB friends both agreeing and disagreeing with me vehemently… so one of those manufacturers must suck. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, cause the pretender needs to be ousted from the throne. I’ve been vaping since 2007 and I know a good vape when I have one.

  1. I have had several replies to this post that are negative in tone. I’ll approve disagreements, but not condecending remarks. Remember to be civil in your tone. And to answer one of these posts that I disallowed, I don’t touch anything with 70% PG or higher, so obviously that doesn’t affect my review at all. Also, if you’re finding this for $2.99, I’d say it’s a good bet that you found the manufacturer that makes the crappy version of the T5/CE8. I don’t understand why people who become enthusiastic about a hobby become so arrogant in their enthusiasm that they condescend everything and everyone around them. You should be happy that others are experienced in your hobby, because that promotes the market you’re so enthusiastic about.

    • Thank you for your review. I for one appreciate a good review and appreciate the time you took to post it. I have been looking into a new clearomizer or tank for my egos. Been using ce5’s for almost 2 years now. They helped me to quit smoking, then I moved onto mec mods. Doing so showed me the true flavors you can get from your juice. But due to my job I can’t be dripping during the day, so I bring my egos for that. But since dripping into my high end mod and getting that flavor pop, all I taste now is gross coming from my ce5’s. I’ve tried iclear16 and they have a better flavor but a just don’t like the dual coil off of an ego battery. Hard draw, the battery never lets me finish my inhale and it’s just a weak amount of vapor. So I started using my ce5’s again as I can get a good but less flavorful vape off them. I’ve seen so many possitives and negatives on these ce8’s. But ZERO in the middle of the row. Seems like either you love them or hate them. I’m not looking for a huge amount of vapor, nor clouds ( I can use my panzer for that). I want flavor, something to keep me coming back to it, to enjoy it, to fully utilize my juice. I will be ordering some of these today. Thanks again

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