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Alice in Vapeland- White Rabbit


I love the E-liquid manufacturers that make you figure out the flavor yourself.  I can’t rate them automatically higher than the ones which carry labels describing exactly what flavor you’re going to experience… but I do enjoy a mystery.  Alice in Vapeland is going to be getting a large order from me very soon.  A fellow vaper let me fill up my T5 clearomizer and an eGo-C cartridge with his AiV White Rabbit, which comes in a larger-than-usual 18ml bottle for the same $10 as most 10ml bottles from other manufacturers.  I now owe him something of equal or greater quality, which will be difficult and I don’t feel like parting with my Mr. Nice Guy Vapes.  Thanks, Alice, for making my debt that much more difficult to pay!

The flavor of White Rabbit is akin to actually following the proverbial white rabbit down the rabbit-hole, and into the bizarre world of the Matrix.  Oh, wait… mixing movies here.  Anyways, there is definitely a coconutty presence here.  I also detect a touch of vanilla (but more of a white chocolate vanilla than an extract vanilla) on the exhale.  That same vanilla essence provides a creaminess that makes this one helluva smooth, gentle vape.  Along with the definite sense of vanilla/coconut, there seems to be a woody… possibly cedar taste that underlies the other flavors.  As if that wasn’t enough for a full-bodied vape, a slight hint of nuttiness (the flavor not the mental state of being) drives this flavor home.  The last time I tasted a flavor this complex was Flavorz by Joe’s Heaven’s Nectar.

The creaminess produces a smooth, but damn-near perfect throat hit.  That same creaminess also seems to add a thick, velvety quality to the vapor itself.  Plumes of vapor seemed to roll like sand dunes out of my mouth on the exhale.  I used this flavor to convince someone I had never met to quit smoking and switch to vaping, so congratulations, Alice in Vapeland… you saved a life!  The only thing that seemed like it could use a bit of improvement was the aroma of the vapor.  The scent of the liquid itself is strong and complex… but the post-atomized vapor is a little weak on the nostrils.  A good French inhale was necessary to pick up a discernible aroma.

Steeping almost seemed like overkill for the White Rabbit marvel by AiV, but it took greatness, and topped it with whipped cream and a cherry (metaphorically speaking).  I also played around with my ESCO variable voltage E2 and my T5 clearomizer.  I can even say that this e-liquid stands up to increased voltage very nicely.  At 5.2 volts (most E-liquids can’t handle much more than 4.8) the White Rabbit was essentially laying a flavorful fog over the whole room.  If anything, the voltage increase should carry with it a warning of visual impairment because of the massive amounts of thick vapor produced.  I could volunteer this e-cig and this E-juice to a Hollywood movie set attempting to film a San Francisco scene inside a sound stage.

So… what the Hell are you waiting for.  Get on their website and order one of these now.  And I’m guessing you could probably go ahead and order a few other flavors, too.  I haven’t tried any yet, but I think it’s a safe bet that they’re definitely palatable to say the least.  If I had to find a “negative” aspect of this liquid, it would be that it isn’t a very good candidate for cocktailing with other juices.  The E-juice itself is a cocktail of many different flavors.  The only E-juice manufacturers I’ve found that compare to this one are Mr. Nice Guy and Flavorz by Joe.