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GotVape- Orange Creamsicle



I’ve been hearing about Gotvape for a while now, and I was finally able to get a hold of a few by trading the remainder of my Totally Wicked liquids (jokes on him… or so I thought).  The first one I tried was the Orange Creamsicle flavor.  I don’t know what it is about including anything orange-related into an E-liquid, but for some reason that orange flavor just doesn’t seem to jive with the process of atomization.  Every one I’ve attempted, regardless of manufacturer, has more or less highlighted the burn in the vapor.

The Orange Creamsicle product in Gotvape’s lineup of E-juices was underwhelming to say the least.  The flavor of the orange was barely present and the “cream” flavor that should have been present seemed to be almost unrecognisable.  Essentially I was left with the taste of “plain” vapor, tinged with a suggestion of orange.  I think the cream part of the flavor was merely the power of suggestion thanks to the name of the liquid.  The light flavor also seems to effect a noticeable lack of a scent, and I noticed that after vaping it for about half an hour, nobody around me had commented on the smell, or lack thereof.

The vapor produced by this Gotvape concoction (and I tried it in a number of different e-cigs) felt thin, as those of you who’ve tried various different types of e-liquids have probably experienced.  The throat hit wasn’t great, but it was acceptable.  Felt like an ultra-light (oh, wait… we can’t use that word anymore or the FDA police will whine at an irritating frequency).  Let’s see… it felt like a Marlboro silver.  Anyways, suffice it to say that I didn’t care much for the vapor production and subsequent throat hit of this particular product.  I thought that cranking up the voltage might result in a better vapor.  It definitely made more vapor, but the thinness of the plumes didn’t improve, and neither did the flavor.

All in all, I’m hoping that Gotvape’s other flavors impress me a little more than this one did.  Otherwise, I feel a hardcore roast coming on… and as I stated earlier today on a Facebook forum, I purposefully don’t tone down my reviews in degree of harshness for fear of hurting a company’s feelings.  Companies don’t have feelings, regardless of the IRS’s propensity to refer to them as “legal persons.”