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Your Move, FDA…



Just thought I’d share the results of this little scientific study conducted Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, & A Greener Environment, LLC (CHANGE) using correct scientific testing methods accepted by the scientific community at large.  It should also be added that this particular organization is located in New York (notoriously opposed to tobacco/nicotine) and it’s express purpose for existence is “clean air!”  The subject of the study: does the vapor from e-cigarettes pose any sort of health risk indoors.

The test itself was conducted in a controlled environment and compared both the health risks of tobacco smoke and high-nicotine content E-liquid vapor.  A 40-cubic-meter room was used for the test, which presented a toxicology report measuring VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds), carbonyls, PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), nicotine, TSNAs (Tobacco-specific nitrosamines), and glycols.  The results?  E-cigarette vapor poses NO SIGNIFICANT RISK to health, compared with the same results derived form the tobacco smoke, which showed significant risks.

The FDA has done their own research, though.  They must have because they keep saying that the effects of E-cigarette vapor have not been adequately tested yet.  I suppose if I suddenly woke up and decided to hold firm to the claim that Nazi’s or Bolsheviks did not, in fact, kill millions of people.  The historically-minded community the world over would probably offer in opposition to my claims recorded, pictorial, film, and many other types of verified evidence to the contrary of my claims.  Following the presentation of their evidence, I guess I could still stubbornly cling to my beliefs… and maybe I’ll be awarded with my own government agency and power to make up laws to govern the whole nation based on my psychotic whims… You know, kind of like the Third Reich… or did I go to far?

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