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Alice in Vapeland- Sweet Tease


So far, Alice in Vapeland is three-for-three!  I’ve tried White Rabbit, which I’ve already reviewed.  I’m currently reviewing Sweet Tease.  And soon, I’ll review Bandersnatch.  All of AiV’s E-liquids are complex mixtures of complimentary flavors that meld perfectly together to create their own, unique concoction which you will not find anywhere else.  The Sweet Tease is the first tea-flavored E-juice I’ve ever tried, and if the rest are half as good as this one, I think I may have found my new measuring-stick flavor by which to test my overall opinion of an E-juice manufacturer.

Alice in Vapeland’s Sweet Tease is subtle in all the right places, and strong in all the right ways.  The flavor of a lightly sweetened (possibly Earl Grey) tea is unmistakable, but not overpowering.  It’s very impressive that the the exact taste-intricacies of a tea have been captured in flavored glycol.  To top off the tea experience, a hint of lemon has been added to the mix.  Normally, I’m a fan of un-aided teas… no cream, no sugar, no lemon… but here I am more than willing to make an exception, mostly because I feel that a plain, unsweetened tea atomized into vapor for purposes of inhaling would probably be kind of bitter and gross.  Maybe not, but there’s the added difficulty of glycol itself having it’s own slight sweetness.

The throat hit on this particular E-juice is very smooth and almost “invisible.”  Normally, I would take away quite a few points for this, and I did subtract a few, but I also added some back on because I think any kind of throat hit on this vapor might have taken away from the subtleties in flavor present here.  The magical thing about Sweet Tease E-liquid is that while there is almost no throat hit whatsoever, the vapor production is higher than average… considerably higher than average.

There’s one more thing I’d like to mention about Sweet Tease liquid is that it works very well as a cocktail juice with small touches of fruit-flavors.  I’m a huge fan of anything berry-related, so I naturally try to blend new juices with a good quality raspberry, blackberry, or currant juice.  My first attempt at mixing berry flavors with this concoction was a bit of a failure.  I used a little too much and overpowered the more subtle sweet tea and lemon essences.  The next attempt was a raging success because I used about one part Mr. Nice Guy Raspberry to five parts Alice in Vapeland Sweet Tease.  There’s one word for this cocktail: Outstanding!

I whole-heartedly recommend this one-of-a-kind mixture made available to us by my new friends over at Alice in Vapeland.  And as far as I can tell, you can pick just about any of their mysteriously-named flavors and be totally satisfied with your purchase.