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Alice in Vapeland- The Bandersnatch


Alice in Vapeland has done it again.  The Bandersnatch is described as a butterscotch and banana concoction, and it definitely hits the nail right on the head.  The best thing about this one is that it is very obvious to the taste buds that AiV splurges on their flavorings.  The butterscotch actually tastes like that type of warm butterscotch filling you’ll find in a freshly baked butterscotch pie.  The banana flavor is easily recognizable as actual, real banana!  I think in addition to the butterscotch and banana, there might have been a smaller amounbt of caramel used to produce that “warming” effect that seems common (at least in my opinion) with so many caramel-flavored products.  I’d also like to say that I caught a slight hint of spice in the mix.  Possibly a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg… just enough to give the two main flavors a slight kick… or maybe it was my imagination (but I did detect it both before and after steeping).

Throat hit and vapor production on The Bandersnatch are congruent to the high standards set by the better, “gourmet” E-juice companies.  Vaping this flavor in my eGo-C w/ replaceable atomizer and disposable cartridge produced just as good of a vapor as many of the more average E-liquids produce in my more expensive equipment.  I also got a lot of comments from others while vaping such as, “It smells like a bakery in here,” and “who’s got the Werther’s?”  I also had someone inquire as to whether or not I was vaping a banana-flavored juice.  So, this Alice in Vapeland proprietary blend is pleasing to both the vaper and those standing around him/her.

I just can’t say enough about AiV.  This company meets the high standards set by others like Mr. Nice Guy Vape and Flavorz by Joe.  So, stop what you’re doing, put down your impressive new mod, scoot over to the computer, go to Alice in Vapeland’s website, and order some of these. (You’ll notice that I actually linked to the site above, and that I haven’t done it before.  No, this doesn’t mean that I’m being paid by AiV.  I’ve just decided to begin including the links in my reviews… at least my good reviews.  I think these companies deserve it for their hard work.)  You won’t be disappointed!