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Ahlusion- Devil Dog


Being a former Marine myself, I was drawn to this flavor before all others because of it’s name.  For those of you who don’t know, the term “Devil Dog” is an English translation of Teufelhunden, which was what Marines were called by the Germans during the Battle of Belleau Wood in WWI.  The picture posted on Ahlusion’s site, which I’ve reposted above, has the Marine Corps flag and a bulldog, suggestive of the Marine Corps mascot, Chesty (named after Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller).

The flavor of this symbolism-heavy E-liquid by Ahlusion, is one that I would refer to as “masculine” or “manly.”  The tobacco taste present in this one is unlike your usual “tobacco” E-liquid flavor.  This one not only closely matches the taste of “real” tobacco… it flows over the taste buds like a thick, well-made cigar smoke.  There are other flavors present here as well.  There’s a woody, leathery kind of taste to it that accentuate the tobacco, and sort of a deep, musky presence underlying everything.  I should warn my readers that this is not for the fruity-minded vaper.  Vaping this wondrous concoction of Ahlusion in a good, quality e-cigarette is almost indistinguishable from smoking an actual, analog cigarette… and not a Marlboro or a Camel cigarette either.  I’m talking Nat Sherman, Treasurer, Davidoff, etc. here.

Keeping with the theme of real, analog flavor, Ahlusion has given quite a throat hit to their Devil Dog product.  However, it’s not one of those harsh, drying kind of THs that one would expect from a crappy, propylene glycol-based Chinese E-juice.  This throat hit is, once again, more of a thick cigar smoke.  I actually felt that I shouldn’t be inhaling this one, due to its similarity to a quality, hand-rolled Dominican or Cuban cigar.  And it should also be noted that the vapor production from Devil Dog juice is on par with the cigar similarities.

It would be difficult to put into words, and I’m a fairly articulate fellow, the aromatic qualities of this vapor.  I can’t really say that it smells like a cigar, and neither could any of my friends standing around me (they know the drill by now… I tell them I have a new E-liquid, and they tell me how it smells to them.  I also generally do the old French inhale technique.  But both of these generally reliable sources of olfactory data produced questionable results.  I can only say, with certainty, that there’s a dense, musky odor accompanying the vapor of this E-juice.

Now for the steeping, which is imperative with this liquid.  The flavor right out of the bottle was present in exactly the same way as it is after steeping, but it’s much more subtle… and this is not the type of E-liquid where subtlety is a benefit.  This flavor is about density and a thick, undeniable presence.  Post-steeping, this flavor really takes shape and becomes the award-winning, Marine Corps-inspired juice that I have just described above.

So, because of this product, I’ve decided to try a few other of Ahlusion’s liquids.  I suggest, if you’re looking for a good E-juice company with interesting flavors that you can’t find anywhere else… go ahead and visit Ahlusion’s web-store and order a few of their enticing concoctions.  And if you’re a current or former Devil Dog who loves vaping… you must get this one or you’re automatically one of the ten percent!


  1. One aspect that I love about Ahlusion is the route they take with their tobacco blends. Also I would recommend trying their Sweet Georgia peach which has the same notes as Devil Dog but with a hint of peach.