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DFW Vapor- Apple Cinnamon



I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews about this company, so I got my hands on a few of their flavors in order to beef up my list of reviews.  Unfortunately for me, the first flavor I tried from DFW was this Apple Cinnamon grand mistake of an E-juice.  From personal experience, as well as general consensus views on various E-cigarette-related forums, websites, profiles, etc., apple is a strong, unmistakable flavor that announces itself immediately… even in small amounts.  Not so in the case of DFW Vapor’s unimpressive concoction.

The taste of apple is barely recognizable.  The cinnamon, which should also present itself loudly even in small quantities, was simply absent from most of the vaping process, except possibly in a slight suggestion in the after-taste of an exhale.  The primary taste that I detected in this E-liquid was, I hate to say, suggestive of generic propylene glycol/light sweetener.  Thankfully, I have tasted a few other DFW Vapor products since this and their other flavors at least announce themselves with more assuredness than this one… which begs the question:  Why is this creation so lacklustre?

Throat hit and vapor production qualities in DFW Vapor’s Apple Cinnamon E-juice is less than optimal.  I couldn’t help but feel a sense of thinness to this vapor.  Couple that with what I’ve started terming the “ghost hit” (a throat hit that’s invisible at first, but comes back to haunt you with a PG-harshness later), and you have a juice that I can’t, in good conscience, recommend to anyone.  Higher voltage atomization did nothing to either improve or diminish the results of this vaping experience.

All in all, this is a forgettable E-juice, and DFW should discontinue it… especially since they do have very good vapes available on their website and through their various retail locations.  Why keep a flavor like this around?  At the vary least, bring this one back to the drawing board and try again.  Apple Cinnamon is a fairly easy flavor to capture in a decent E-liquid, so for the love of all that is inhale-able on Earth… let’s see a DFW Apple Cinnamon V2.0 here!