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Chronic Idiopathic Neutrophilia and E-Cigs… or “Healing While Vaping”



Chronic Idopathic Neutrophilia, or CIN, is a condition characterized by an extreme elevation of white blood cells, without the usual causes associated with such an elevation (infection, disease, etc.)  In some cases, including the case of one, now 36-year-old, Caucasian male, long-term smoking habits can create this condition asymptomatically.  This particular smoker had tried to quit numerous times without any success, and because of these failures at smoking cessation, the CIN was unable to correct itself.

Enter the savior of many, many smokers… the electronic cigarette.  This patient finally attempted to quit one more time with the use of E-cigs as a method of quitting smoking.  This time, he was finally able to stay off of the cigarettes, and his white blood cell count returned to normal, even though he continued to receive a dosage of nicotine through the vaporized E-liquids.  He was tested a number of times, separated by months of successful smoking cessation, and the results continued to present normal white blood cell numbers.  So, essentially, his CIN ceased to be an issue… or to be at all.

This evidence is very interesting in the wake of an announcement by the World Health Organization claiming that cigarettes (analog/tobacco combustion-based cigarettes!) are healthier than E-cigarettes.  I’m sure that tis patient suffering from CIN would have a disagreement or two to offer in rebuttal.  So, maybe the WHO should actually perform a modicum of simple, grade school-level experiments/research projects before issuing statements that could possibly sway life-altering (or in this case endangering) legislation by equally uninformed politicians who happen to be bought and paid for by the same corporate masters.  Just a suggestion, but it seems like quite an obvious one, not to mention monumentally important.