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Ahlusion- Crisp Melon


Ahlusion is really turning into an interesting company for me.  I can’t say that their flavors are the best out there, but they are certainly passable and enjoyable… Definitely in the top 10% of E-juice.  What they do have going for them that puts them above and beyond many other comparable companies is their selection of interesting flavors and their flavors’ likenesses to their names.  The Crisp Melon is no exception.

The website describes Crisp Melon E-liquid as specifically containing a honeydew melon flavor.  I must confess that I never really delved into the melon aficionado art form, so it would be difficult for me to tell the difference between a honeydew, cantaloupe, galia, (had to Wikipedia that last one) etc.  I can say, however, that this particular melon flavor matched that of other melon flavors I’ve tasted in good E-juices.  The “crisp” part of this flavor comes from a small hint of lime, and a sort of generic citrusy presence.  Both flavors are understated perfectly in order to come together and form a light, pleasing, clean, and (if I may) crisp taste experience.  If I could do anything to this flavor to change it, it would be to step back the lime just a bit, just to accentuate the melon a little more.

As Ahlusion’s juice hits my atomizer, a large plume of lightly flavored, delectable vapor flows out of the clearomizer’s tip.  A deep inhale feels exactly as it should… if this were a honeydew/lime flavored Marlboro Light (I mean Gold… oops.  Forgot that they can’t be called “lights” anymore because it angers the Health Nazi Underlords).  Personally, when I was a smoker, I always preferred smoking the heaviest, “reddest,” full flavor-iest cigarettes available.  I even went so far as to smoke two packs of cloves cigarettes per day when they were still available in 20-packs.  Then I started to cough up blood, so I cut back a bit… for a while.  Anyways, the point here is that I generally prefer a heavier throat hit in my vaping, but Crisp Melon was quite literally a breath of fresh air for me.  I can now see how people can favor lighter throat hits from their E-liquids.

So far, Ahlusion is two for two.  They are setting a good pace with their E-juice production, and I hope to see more unique and interesting flavor combinations from them in the future.  I am currently awaiting a taste test of Ahlusion’s Boba Tea E-juice.  This I gotta see!  For those of you who’ve never had boba tea, it’s Taiwanese in origin, and is essentially milk and spiced tea.  But that’s not what you’ll notice first about these drinks.  When you first lay eyes on a boba tea, you’ll notice the oversized straw and the dark balls at the bottom of the cup.  These are tapioca balls and the straw is sized just large enough to allow passage of tapioca balls up the straw and into your mouth.  I must say I’m very interested in how Ahlusion plans on capturing all of these complex elements in a single E-juice… let alone different flavored boba teas.