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Mr. Nice Guy Vape- Butterscotch

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Once again, my local (and overall most reliable and beloved) E-juice company, Mr. Nice Guy has gone ahead and impressed me with their new flavor, simply and accurately named Butterscotch.  As the label implies, the flavor of this E-juice is perfectly and undeniably butterscotch through and through.  Mr. Nice Guy, reputed for the high quality ingredients they’ve always used… even before they got into the E-juice manufacturing business… continues to live up to their reputation by nailing one of classic, common flavors in a way that most other manufacturers fall short of, if only by a little bit.

Upon first vaping MNG’s Butterscotch, the “warmth” of the “buttery” side of butterscotch announces itself to your taste buds.  The vapor itself is thick… and the flavor is thick, too.  I deducted a few points for this, not because I don’t enjoy a thicker vape and taste, but because it does divert slightly from the typical “smoking” feel that vapers are hoping to emulate especially when they first start vaping.  As you inhale the butterscotch-ity yumminess, the voluminous vapor pulls across all of your taste buds from the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat, and the full essence of butterscotch (hints of brown sugar or treacle, creamy butter, and an almost toffee-like, “candy” quality).

As I stated earlier, this vapor really hits the throat, but not in a harsh way.  It’s a smooth but unmistakable alien substance in your throat, resembling the breathing in of a thick, humid fog in Northern California, but more condensed.  To try and really capture this in an adequate analogy… imagine you’re wrapping your mouth around the end of an industrial-strength fog machine, turned up to it’s highest setting, serving up freshly melted butterscotch pie filling on the beaches of Half Moon Bay in the wee hours of a foggy, crisp “summer” morning, just after you took an Albuterol breathing-treatment because you hyperventilated when you found out that you won the Powerball Lottery and got Scarlet Johansson pregnant during an unexpected phone call from Morgan Freeman.  Exaggeration? Possibly… a little bit… maybe.  I’ll leave it to you to give it a shot and try it out for yourself.

This review is about to get even better because I’m fixing to tell you about the great cocktailing qualities of MNG’s Butterscotch juice.  I’ve mixed this E-liquid with Vanilla, Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate/Vanilla, Boston Cream Pie, Clove, “Fire Cured,” Mango, and several other flavors, and every single one of them, when mixed, actually gave me a full, lingering vision of Heaven.  St. Peter actually threw his arm over my shoulders and showed me the Pearly Gates.  All was serene and peaceful.  I highly recommend it.  When I cranked up the voltage a little, I actually became Zeus, but… you know… a butterscotch Zeus.

Anyways, all metaphors and levity aside, Mr. Nice Guy Vape has hit yet another Grand Slam home run out of the park!  Find one immediately and hand over a ten dollar bill in exchange for a slice of paradise.  You’ll thank me!

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