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Virgin Vapors- Organic Celestial Honeydew



This is the first time I’ve tried any of Virgin Vapors’ E-Juices, and if the rest of their flavors are anything like this one, I’m going to consider this company to be one of the top ten companies in the industry.  The goal of any E-liquid manufacturer should be to match their targeted flavor as closely as humanly possible.  I’ve always enjoyed the light, sweet taste of honeydew, but I’m not a huge fan of the texture of melons.  So, with this juice, I can have that flavor, without having to chew.  It’s the American Dream!  Make things infinitely simpler until there’s nothing left for us to do but enjoy.

The flavor of Virgin Vapors’ Celestial Honeydew isn’t really a flavor at all.  It’s as if someone squeezed a fresh, ripe honeydew into a vat of PG and VG, mixed in some beloved nicotine, and put it directly into a clearomizer for me to vape pleasurably.  I must say, if there’s anything lacking in this E-liquid at all, it would be the light bouquet produced by the atomized vapor.  However, honeydew isn’t a fruit that’s reputed for it’s strong aroma, so I can’t really deduct too much off for the score in this category.

The throat hit and vapor production on this are what you would expect from a higher quality E-juice, so obviously Virgin Vapors hasn’t cut corners in the supply department like I fear some companies are starting to do.  This is one that I recommend steeping.  I’ve had this one for a week, and every time I refill, I put it right back in the cabinet with the top and spigot off of the bottle.  I swear that the longer it steeps, the better it gets.  As I just mentioned, I got my bottle of Virgin Vapors’ Organic Celestial Honeydew about a week before writing this review.  The flavor is already up to a 97 on my scale, so if you suddenly feel the ground shake next week sometime, it’s only because this juice steeped so well that it aligned the planets and finally caused peace in the Middle East.  Also, if you are the proud owned of a variable voltage battery, go ahead and crank it up a few notches.  The flavor remains strong, but the throat hit increases, as does the volume of vapor “smoke.”

So, I hope this means that I’ve finally found a company that can stand up to Mr Nice Guy Vape and Flavorz by Joe.  I’m gonna try a few more and I’ll postpone my final, official decision regarding the previous statement until I’ve tried a few more of their E-liquids.  Meanwhile, I fully recommend with ever fiber of my being that you get your hands on Virgin Vapor’s Organic Celestial Honeydew ASAP!