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Why Vaping Over Cold-Turkey? A Rebel Must Rebel!



I have been confronted many a time, as I’m sure you all have, about how it would just be much, much better for us to leave the oral fixation and nicotine dependency behind for good, abandoning the vaping arts in favor of the more historically reliable (arguable) cold-turkey method of quitting smoking.  In an isolated, controlled environment, this would of course be true, but what these cold-turkeys fail to take into account is the fact that nothing that happens in real life happens in an isolated, controlled environment.  We leave that to Stanford’s Research Staff and MIT Physicists.  In the “real world” we are all interconnected with everyone and everything around us.  These surroundings include the types of people and things we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with over the long years of our lives… specifically, our lives as practising smokers.

Why does the modern man or woman start smoking?  Well, as long as John Travolta and Bruce Willis movies continue to air on TV (not to mention old Bogie flicks, the increasingly popular Mad Men series, and Tyler Durden imagery), the “coolness” factor is still present, despite the tens of millions of dollars being spent on anti-smoking campaigns.  Incidentally, these anti-smoking ads actually support the smoking industry in ways that straight cigarette advertising could never even hope to achieve without the use of illegal, subliminal images of death, disease, and destruction… but I digress.  People start smoking, and more importantly continue to smoke not only because of the addictive aspects, but also because of the social and cultural ideologies that surround you as a smoker.  Essentially, because smoking has become such a social taboo, and is immensely unpopular in the official, legitimate world, many continue to smoke as a simple, visual expression of “fuck you” to the government and the “establishment.”  Others are lead to groups of rebellious types because of shared beliefs, and pick up the habit of smoking because the vast majority of people they find in that circle are smokers.

So that leads us to our original question:  Vaping or cold-turkey?  Let’s avoid, for the moment, the issue of nicotine health benefits.  I’ve written about that in several other articles.  The majority of smokers out there have a well-defined rebellious streak to them, and they naturally congregate to other rebels in their social interactions.  Other rebels are likely to also be smokers.  So quitting cold-turkey immediately suffers from a few undeniable obstacles right out of the proverbial gate.  I, for one, applaud the rebellious nature of the typical American smoker (not to mention smokers in other nations), because under a failing government, and increasing federal restrictions, regulations, and gradually fading “freedoms,” it will be the rebels that stand up and say, “No, we’re not gonna take your shit anymore!”  That’s obviously just my opinion, but an opinion founded on historical evidence.

Quitting smoking cold-turkey means, among other things, possibly leaving behind those people who trigger your desires to light up.  But if those people are the only kind of people you get along with… how do you remedy your desire to improve your health with your need to socialize with like-minded rebellious spirits?  The only answer: Vaping!  The oral fixation of smoking, the action of bringing the cigarette to your mouth and taking a drag, the inhalation of a smoke-like substance, and the nicotine fix… all of these things are accessible by the E-cigarette user, without almost all of the dangers associated with the analog cigarette.

So what’s so wrong about that?  Why are there people who are still up in arms about vaping?  Firstly, there’s probably an issue of ignorance present here.  They hate vaping because it looks just like smoking, and they are simply too lazy to research the issue on their own.  We all know that there are way too many people out there that just swallow the first news they read about a topic without considering that there might be another side to the story.  However, I fear that there are certain elements of society that hate vaping because it shows the immortal spirit of the American rebel.  It says to the government and the political puritans, “Fuck you, we’re gonna figure out a way to quit smoking without quitting smoking, just to piss you off!”  This may seem like a small, nit-picking excuse.  It might sound like a smoker’s rationalization to support their unhealthy decision.  It might also just sound like the ramblings of a crazy person.  But mark my words… the rebels will play an important role in the future of our country and way of life, so be careful when you criticise their decision-making processes.  They just might save you from your own short-sightedness!


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