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Johnson Creek (Red Oak)- Solstice



Well, apparently Johnson Creek Smoke Juice offers what they call their Red Oak Line, a propylene glycol-free, 100% vegetable glycerine-based E-juice.  This is an improvement over the last flavor of theirs I reviewed: Black Cherry.  This is also the first E-liquid Johnson Creek is producing that is not supposed to taste like some sort of tobacco concoction, as it has no tobacco flavoring in it at all.  Based on this particular mix, I’d have to say that they are definitely on the right track toward greatness.

According to Johnson Creek’s website, their Solstice juice is a blend of watermelon, raspberry, and honeydew… the last of which I’ve really come to appreciate since taking on the overwhelming task of rating and reviewing all the world’s E-liquids.  I’d have to say that their aim to create an enjoyable, smooth E-juice was almost a bulls-eye.  The draw off of my Vivi Nova announced the presence of the watermelon flavoring, a light, not overbearing addition.  The inhale stressed the overall melon flavor… the watermelon with the overtone of honeydew melon.  And finally there was the very pleasing raspberry exhale.  The only deduction in rating here is a slight, barely-noticeable “emptiness” in the flavors.  They felt almost like a “diet” vape, if there was such a thing.  This no doubt has something to do with the fact that there is no PG in this mix at all.  It’s not always good to take out all of the PG… because it adds a little more substance to the vapor.

That same PG-lessness in the mix also affects the throat hit and the vapor production… but in this case they are affected only a little.  There is a coolness to the vaping of Solstice, reminiscent of the crisp, freshness of the fruits emulated in this blend, that makes me wonder if there isn’t a secret ingredient in this one.  A touch of menthol or koolada possibly?

A good French Inhale on this vapor added nothing special to the taste of the three main flavors.  Their scent can be picked up on and identified readily enough, but only if you’re really paying attention.  And those who stood within a sniffer’s distance of me while I vaped were unaware that I was vaping at all, aside from seeing the plumes emanating from my mouth.

I can certainly recommend Johnson Creek Smoke Juice’s Red Oak Line Solstice flavor (Wow, that’s a mouthful… sounds classy!), but not without a few notes of warning.  Well, not really warnings so much as explanations.  First, it’s important to know the differences between PG and VG, and what effects result in the increasing and/or decreasing of either one in your E-juice mixology center (i.e. your garage or bedroom).  Second, I would stress that this is Johnson Creek’s first foray into the realm of non-tobacco flavored E-juices.  Their company was apparently created with the goal of concentrating on the tobacco blends only.  Armed with those two pieces of information, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the remarkable Solstice blend by Johnson Creek.