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You Know you’re a Vape-Geek When…



I figured I’d put this fun list together, after I’ve been so seriously pissed whilst writing my last few non-review articles.  You know you’re an Über-Super-Incredibly-Nerdy-Ultra-Vaping-Geek when:

1.  You no longer attempt to tap the ashes off of your E-cigarette.

2.  You have to be reminded that the cheapo, disposable e-cigs at convenience stores are actually the same basic technology as your supremely advanced, modded-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life steampunk personal nicotine vaporizer.

3.  You can’t go to the grocery store without picturing every food item on the label of an E-juice bottle.

4.  You’ve ever unconsciously taken a puff of vapor while standing directly in front of your boss… thinking nothing of the incident.

5.  You’ve actually worked out a script to recite whenever someone asks you about your E-cigarette.

6.  You’ve ever discussed clearomizers for more than one hour with another vaper.

7.  You know the difference between cartridges, cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers.

8.  You can spot a fake eGo within a few seconds of seeing it.

9.  You can’t see an item anywhere in your home, office, etc. without trying to figure out how to turn it into a mod somehow.

10.  You no longer vape the higher nicotine levels of E-juice.

11.  You own more than 20 complete, vapable E-cigarettes (regardless of whether or not they are currently in a connected, ready-to-vape state.

12.  When you see a movie or movie preview that has been rated PG, your first thought is “Propylene Glycol” not “Parental Guidance Suggested.”

13.  You can’t see the letter “V” without instinctively taking a puff off of your E-cigarette.

14.  You have a visceral, rage-filled reaction to even a passing mention of the FDA.  (See what I mean… you just snarled for a split section, didn’t you?)

15.  You understand that a ship full of Dekang sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean isn’t something to cry over.

Feel free to add more, but please add them to the comment section on the actual, original blog post so everyone can enjoy what you’ve contributed to the list.  If you add your suggestion to one of the Facebook or Twitter postings, it won’t actually get included on the list.


  1. I’m opening southern vapor in enterprise al in about a Month and would love to carry some of your liquids and products if You sell the hardware too. Will have 6 locations in the Wiregrass area within a year so pls send me a price list on your liquids and products and compare and go from there. Thanks and hope to order soon. Thanks Brock