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Flavorz by Joe- Smurfette



The picture of this Flavorz by Joe concoction says it all!  Master E-Chef Joe Castro has devised a nearly flawless dessert vape here.  On the website he states in this Juice’s description that he was inspired to make this creation at his niece’s birthday party.  The cupcakes offered at this party were exactly as pictures above: yellow cake with blueberries, and a blueberry frosting on top.  Sounds delicious, right?  Well, if the cupcakes at said party tasted in any way like the vapor of Joe’s atomized E-liquid, that’s one lucky niece!

First and foremost, allow this one to steep.  I know that the vape-mail excitement will tempt you to vape this one immediately, especially after my glowing recommendation (At least, I hope you put that much trust in my review) but be patient.  Let it steep for at least a day, preferably three or four.  Then, have at it!  Use your best clearomizer and breathe deep.  The presence of blueberry will announce itself immediately.  This will be followed by a sweet cream flavor which balances out the tartness of the blueberry perfectly.  The exhale, through your nostrils for the full effect, will bring in the cake flavor.  Close your eyes and exhale slowly again and again and you’ll swear you just ate one of those designer cupcakes that have taken over reality cooking shows on TV.

The throat hit and vapor production are in line with the high quality expected of E-juice manufacturers like Flavorz by Joe.  This is the type of E-juice that highlights the possibilities of the E-cigarette industry.  The vapor matches the thickness and textural feel of analog cigarette smoke, and of course nicotine is present in the mix as well, but the flavor is so much more complex and delectable than plain, old tobacco flavor… especially normal, every day cigarette tobacco.  Obviously an argument could be made for the taste subtleties present in the better Turkish and English-grown Virginia cigarette tobaccos, not to mention Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigar tobacco, but up until recently the great tobacco flavors were limited to… well, tobacco flavor.  Now we can inhale the best flavors of gourmet foods and delicious fruits and candies.  The aroma of Smurfette which fills the room, flowing off of your E-cigarette in billowing plumes, will make everyone think they are in a bakery.

Joe’s Smurfette E-juice captures the soul of gourmet baked goods.  Obviously, I highly recommend this juice.  Flavorz by Joe is an outstanding E-liquid manufacturer, akin to one of the high-rated single malt scotches.  I’m beginning to develop my list of what could be called “top-shelf” E-liquids.  Flavorz by Joe, Mr. Nice Guy Vape, Alice in Vapeland… I’m looking to add some more to the list.  Please feel free to message me with suggestions.