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DFW Vapor- Root Beer



Once again, DFW Vapor has shown that they can be all over the map as far as quality and taste are concerned.  This one, however, is not entirely their fault.  I’ve had Root Beer from a number of different vendors and I’m sorry to say that the majority of them come out tasting like a spent firecracker.  Don’t know what exactly it is about root beer flavorings, but they must be very difficult to get right.  Maybe it’s the difficulty of overcoming the carbonation obstacle.  Who knows?

The flavor is slightly reminiscent of root beet (and I stress the word “slightly”) upon the initial couple nanoseconds of the inhale, and somewhat identifiable in the aftertaste.  Otherwise, I refer you to the aforementioned “spent firecracker” flavor.  If you’re wondering what that would taste like… go to your local fireworks outlet and find out for yourself.  So far, the only manufacturer I’ve come across (not to say there are no others) to get the root beer flavor right is Mr. Nice Guy Vape.  I’ve grilled a few friends of mine who work for Mr. Nice Guy to tell me who their flavor vendor is, because that’s probably the only flavor vendor to get root beer right, but they (my friends) are very tight-lipped about it.  It may be a moot point because Mr. Nice Guy isn’t offering Root Beer as a flavor anymore.  I’m gonna buy up every one I can find just in case we never see them again.

Back to DFW Vapor’s Root Beer-flavored E-juice… The exhale, despite it’s burnt gunpowder taste, is actually very smooth on the throat and it vaporizes very nicely, although not quite to that desirable level of “San Fran fog” that I always hope for.  I tried increasing the voltage, but it didn’t seem to help.  It’s difficult to say whether or not the increase in voltage burnt the E-juice or not, because it already tastes burnt, obviously.  However, the inhale, exhale, throat hit, and vapor production present in this Root Beer are of a high enough quality to be considered good.  But there’s still the flavor… Can’t get past that.

A little steeping, then a lot of steeping, couldn’t save this one.  The only thing it did was stretch out that initial, tip-of-the-tongue root beer taste a couple extra nano-seconds.  And the aftertaste was improved.  In my rating system, if steeping improves a flavor by four or more points (in the hundred point scale) I recommend steeping.  Technically, this one fits that criteria because the score goes from a 61 to a 66.  But I can’t actually recommend this one, even though I really like DFW’s organization and website, because of that damn flavor.  I hope they switch to whatever flavor vendor Mr. Nice Guy was using for their next version of Root Beer E-juice.  With that, this would score solidly in the 400s, and thus earn my official recommendation.


  1. DFW vapor their liquids are subpar at best.. it’s a local shop where i’m at and probably the worst vape shop in the metroplex. If you want a good liquid thats from Texas. Village ECigs probably makes the best eliquids i’ve ever tried and I vape everything from Goodlife Vapes / Alien Visions to Alice in Vape Land. Too bad their store isn’t up yet but locally they are the best

  2. I agree totally with your review on DFW Root Beer. I couldn’t quite place that burnt taste but you illustrated it beautifully with “Spent Firecracker”. If you are looking for a good root beer, I absolutely love Vermillion River’s rootbeer. I usually mix mine with Old Fashion Vanilla Ice Cream from DFW and it tastes just like a Root Beer Float. It is so good that if I don’t pay attention, I will catch myself chain vaping it.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the reviews. I wish I had seen this one before I wasted my money (and my taste buds).