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Hangsen E-Liquid- Hot Dog (Yep, I’m seriously super serious)



I just had to review this one because it’s just… it’s absolutely terrible.  I knew it was going to be terrible before I vaped it (and no, that didn’t skew my opinion… It didn’t have a chance to).  I have to deliver a message to Hangsen Holding Co.  It goes as follows: Just because there’s a food, doesn’t mean it needs to be turned into an E-liquid.  Wasabi?  Are you F***ing serious!?!?  Turtle?  Like a real turtle… cause that’s what it looks like on the website.  Salt Fish?  Eeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!  Stop it!  Just please stop it!

The flavor of Hangsen’s Hot Dog E-juice (I feel contaminated even writing the name) tastes like cheap McDonalds Katsup packages and hard dog food.  It smells like the end of the world… you know, when Billions of Zombies shuffle along, rotting with no bath, for days, months, years…  I had to stick my head into a skunk’s crotch for relief after vaping.  The inhale is reminiscent of vomiting Bloody Mary and ipecac while suffering from the dreaded hyena flu.  The exhale is also like vomiting, but instead of the interiors of your stomach coming out as through a high pressure canister, the vomit is projecting pure bile and half-digested fecal refuse.

The throat hit and vapor production are probably the only somewhat redeemable thing about this E-juice… and I only say that because PG-heavy E-Juice is nothing compared to the flavors present.  I think somebody shat in the bottle.  I’m seriously considering a lawsuit.  I’m starting to lose feeling in my soul.  Avenge me!

All kidding aside… if you buy Hangsen’s Hot Dog-flavored E-juice (is that a sequel to Limp Bizkit’s similarly named album?) you will most likely seize in your seat and foam at the mouth.  This will be followed by violent, uncontrolled convulsions that endanger the lives of those standing near you.  After that, you will vomit out of your stomach a singularity, which will consume the Earth instantaneously and kill every living thing in our galaxy.  Way to go!