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Mio Energy E-Liquid? Sweeeet!!!!


Mio Energy E-Liquid?  Sweeeet!!!!

Some friends and I just today (August 15th, 2013) have stumbled across something amazing! The main ingredient (besides water) in Mio Energy liquid is propylene glycol… That’s right PG! Mix it with a little glycerine and you can vape energy! And holy sh*t! It works great and vapes… oh, so smooth! Give it a try!!!


      • Just because I’m an scientifically-minded kind of guy, I once noticede that Mio Energy’s main ingredient was Propylene Glycol. SO, I put it into a clearomizer and started vaping. The throat hit was a bit harsh, due to the lack of glycerine, but it still vaped just fine. But to answer your question. You do need to either have propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine. ALL of the nicotine you can legally purchase for the purposes of producing your own E-juice is will be diluted in one of these tow substances anyway. Also, the majority of the flavoring you’ll find for E-juices is also emulsified in PG. So, either way you do it, even by using strictly nicotine with no other flavoring, will vape fine on any standard atomizer. WORD OF WARNING: Nicotine comes diluted in PG or VG to the tune of 100mg (per ml). Unless you regularly smoke a half carton of reds per day, I’d dilute it down to at the very most 36mg strength. Many people will tell you that it’s fatal to vape 100mg. I haven’t been able to find any real verification on what the actual, real fatal dose of nicotine is. Everybody says something different, and I personally have vaped 50mg just to win a bet and I didn’t even catch a buzz off of it. But better safe than sorry. I was a HARDCORE two-to-three-packs-of-unfiltered-clove-cigarettes-for-years kinda guy, so I may now be immune to nicotine. Jury’s still out on that one. LOL