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DFW Vapor- Brawndo… It has ELECTROLYTES!!!



It’ll make you win at stuff you’re not even supposed to win at… like YELLING!  Brawndo will make you WIN at YELLING!!!  If you’ve seen the movie and the subsequent viral “commercials” that sprung up in the wake of the movie… you’ll recognise this ridiculousness.  If not, you’re probably wondering when the men in white lab coats are gonna show up to take me to a safe place where I can’t hurt myself.  But all joking aside, I’ve tasted some pretty mediocre to downright awful examples of DFW’s products, and I wanted to find one that was really good!  Their Brawndo E-juice isn’t the greatest thing I’ve vaped, but it is good, and definitely worth trying.  Surprisingly, it makes for a great ADV (All Day Vape).

The flavor of this concoction is very difficult to describe… kind of like the actual color of the liquid used to portray “Brawndo” in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy.  It’s sort of greenish.  This one tastes like a fizzy raspberry/lemon Gatorade or Powerade.  That’s really the best I can do with a description of the flavor.  Honestly, it really has it’s own, unique signature that forever after, at least in my mind’s eye, will be known as the flavor of Brawndo.

The throat hit on this juice is pretty hard, but I can’t deduct too many points for that.  I mean, this is Brawndo!  This isn’t a sissy woman’s E-liquid.  No, sir.  DFW Vapor has created this juice to fuel men’s need to kick everyone’s ass all the time!  I’m guessing the PG content here is pretty high, but if you vape it enough, you’re bound to end up talking like Mickey Rourke or Sam Elliott, and that is undeniably kick-ass!  (Ladies, you’ll end up sounding like Kathleen Turner… not a bad way to go, either, in my humble opinion.)

Brawndo, when vaped, produces a smell that is strangely and perfectly reminiscent of the general atmosphere of the movie.  A sort of overbearing sweetness that masks the heavy essense of testosterone-imbibed, mildewy man-sweat.  Yes, they actually nailed it.  And it smells green, too.  Kinda green… but green like dead plants… you see where I’m going with this (if you’re “in the know” of course).  The amount of vapor could be increased.  Maybe a little more VG.  This will make sure that larger billows of vapor will spread outward around you, crushing human skulls along the way.

So… go get yourself some Brawndo E-juice from DFW Vapor.  I can’t really say whether there actually are electrolytes or even caffeine in this vapor.  I just recently started vaping Mio Energy in the mornings (totally possible, by the way), so my caffeine tolerance is pretty high already.  But the flavor is certainly worth it… even though it just tastes like itself and nothing really identifiable with anything in the physical universe.  I think there’s some supernatural powers in here.  Vaping some makes you want to hop on board a speeding locomotive full of screaming babies as it crashes into an aircraft carrier that’s on fire!  Crank up the voltage and you’ll have the sudden urge to ride a 300-foot tall pony covered in chainsaws after an elevator ride with 60 rampaging cougars.