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Kudos to The Weekly Standard!



Online and print magazine, The Weekly Standard, has published an article written by assistant editor Ethan Epstein which unabashedly points out many of the truths about E-cigarettes that so many other news/media outlets have simply refused to publish.  In his article, confusingly entitled ‘Thank You for Not Vaping,’ Epstein correctly described the technology and terminology behind E-cigs and E-liquids… something that most ANTZ continually get wrong… and goes on to quote actual research done by reputable sources (like the American Cancer Society, for example).  He refers to the anti-vaping movement at an ‘irrational fear,’ and stresses throughout the article that E-cigarettes are almost certainly a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products.  Obviously, this is a fact well known to us vapers already but, nevertheless, it’s good to see it in articles that are read outside of the vaping inner-circle.  Please take a moment to click on the below link to read the article.  It’s definitely a worthwhile read and it helps to show support of those who have declared themselves (intentionally or otherwise) as friends of E-cigarettes:

Thank You for Not Vaping– Ethan Epstein