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The Future of Hookah Bars is…



I am truly looking forward to owning my own E-Hookah when it arrives.  This is one of those inventions that moves industries forward, and I can see (barring too much interference by the FDA and their cronies) this fantastic, technological wonder of ingenious proportions moving into a hookah bar near you very soon.  A friend of mine has one, and I was fortunate enough to try it out briefly the other night.  I give my full, unbridled support to Smoke Free, the company that distributed this device.

How does it work, you might ask?  The pyramid shape you see in the picture consists of two segments.  The top of the pyramid is the custom designed cartomizer which holds the E-liquid used for the vaping.  The bottom part is a battery with four atomizers, all feeding down through a hole at the bottom.  The pyramid itself sits where your typical hookah bowl would sit.  The pyramid seals itself onto the mouth of the hookah intake and acts from that point like a normal, everyday hookah.  The vapor is drawn in by the air pressure exerted by the user’s mouth, through the water, up the hose, and into the awaiting lungs of the vaper.  Simple technology in the world of modern E-cigarette technology, no doubt, but this particular combination of ideas has yielded pure, unadulterated awesomeness with a side of Hot Damn!


I see a future, one to two years from now, when Smoke Free (sorry, guys) will have more than a few competing companies in the market of E-hookah devices.  And that’s a future I’m looking forward to immensely.  I can even see standing hookah bars expanding their “menus” to include E-hookah options for their more health-conscious patrons.  The only question I had about this (and like I said, my actual experience with this device was unfortunately very brief and I didn’t have enough time to conduct a proper inspection of it.  My only real worry concerning Smoke Free’s E-Hookah was whether or not it was possible to refill the cartomizers with your own E-juice.  Apparently it is possible, through the use of an E-liquid syringe with a tiny needle, and it takes a healthy dose of patience to complete, but it is actually possible.  How long before they start developing the same device with a custom designed, refillable clearomizer instead of the sealed cartomizer?  (Honestly, I don’t understand why we continue to keep this cartomizer thing alive, other than for pure monetary reasons.  The technology’s been replaced by something better.  Get over it and figure out a new way to leech money off people!)

How cool would it be to walk into an E-Hookah bar in the near future, pick up a menu and either design your own “cocktail” of E-Juice or pick one of the house mixes, and experience all the best parts of a hookah bar without the tar and damaging effects of Shisha smoke?  This way, we can bring the new millenium technology of E-cigarettes out into the social arena.  One thing is for sure, this can’t be disinvented.  It’s here to stay and now the world has an opportunity to embrace it with open arms or try to reject it while other companies start creating their own versions of E-Hookahs.  I’ll catch you all at the E-Hookah Bar very soon!