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Ahlusion- Bananas Foster



Ahlusion is an increasingly interesting company.  Thusfar, the products I’ve reviewed of theirs have been very good, but not quite in that “cream of the crop,” elite club of top-shelf E-liquids.  This one, however, is good enough to be put next to any of the best E-juices out there.  Now, I believe that Bananas Foster is the greatest fruit-based dessert on the planet, so obviously I’m going to like anything that tastes like it, but this is different.  The resulting vapor doesn’t taste like Bananas Foster… It just simply is Bananas Foster.  I’m convinced that they smooshed a plate of the scrumptious dessert down into the bottle then caused it to be translucent through the use of some classified nana-technology innovation.

When you have been blessed with having a bottle of Ahlusion’s banana, diabetes-inducing, gourmet creation, and you have put it into your clearo/carto in preparation for vaping, remember that even though you’re about to feel like you’re an angel you cannot, in fact, fly.  The taste of the bananas introduces itself immediately to your taste buds first, and it does that in a “warm” way, as if it just came off the hotplate.  The caramelized sugar/rum flavor swirls around within the vapor, intermingling with the taste of the warm bananas.  I think the warmness comes from a touch of cream flavoring that mixes with the vapor so smoothly, it’s barely even noticeable expect in the highlighting of certain qualities.

The inhalation of this delicious vapor flows over the back of the throat perfectly (using the flow of actual cigarette smoke as a measuring stick, of course).  And the exhale, even if you hold your lungs filled for a few moments, is a full cumulus cloud of vaper breath… so perfectly formed that you might see things in your own clouds; like a puppy, or an alligator, or the Battle of Hastings.  To increase this even more, along with the already respectable flavor strength, crank that voltage up a smidgen and see what happens.

Obviously, I have nothing but good things to say about Ahlusion’s Bananas Foster E-juice.  I also tend to read other people’s reviews of the liquids that I review… if I can find any.  I was only able to find one negative review on this flavor, and I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth here, but I fear that the taster in this case (and his wife) may have had the flu and were having difficulties with their faculty of taste.  Just saying…