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King of Vapors- El Coqui


King of Vapors is definitely an up-and-coming E-juice manufacturer.  The grand master juice-chef behind these fabulous creations is Jonathon Torres, and if his E-juice creations in any way reflect his cooking ability, I’d love to eat dinner over at Chef Torres’s house.  All of the flavors he offer, at least at this point in time, are tobacco-based.  This is a trend with what I like to call micro-manufacturing companies, that I’m beginning to appreciate… the focussing on one or two flavor types and exploring the vast possibilities of just that type.  In this case, we are granted the very distinguishing flavors of different types of tobacco.  And in the case of El Coqui, we are given a prefect blend of a light touch of fruit and what taste’s like a good English-grown, Virginia golden tobacco: smoother than a prom queen’s legs covered with cherry-flavored massage oil.

The flavor, upon inhaling, definitely hits that  back of the throat in a smooth, silky yet undeniably present way.  The lungs feel full when your inhalation has reached it’s acme.  Then the exhale suggests a cocktail of fruits… possibly cherries and various berries.  I must reiterate the unmatched smoothness in the tobacco flavoring present in King of Vapors’ El Coqui.  During my smoking years (which lasted until about 5 months ago or so), I was blessed enough to get my hands on some Golden Virginia tobacco cigarettes, grown and manufactured in England.  There’s something about the royal soil that perfects the art of growing cigarette tobacco, and that art… that light, mild, soft tobacco smoothness… is wholly present in this E-liquid.  And that smoothness is given a more defining, higher esteem by the presence of the fruit flavoring, not too overbearing, but just right.

The throat hit is what one would expect from a good, quality English Virginia Tobacco cigarette.  This isn’t to be confused with the bold, rich smoothness of Turkish tobacco.  English tobacco has it’s own unique qualities and it’s own signature as a cigarette blend.  The vapor production is also incredibly respectable with the El Coqui.  I Literally can’t stop vaping this one… it’s that good!  I have a friend who is a tobacco aficionado, and he just can’t seem to remember that I am no longer a smoker, no matter how many times I tell him.  While I was vaping El Coqui around him (indoors in Florida, I might add… where smoking is simply not allowed) he asked me if I was smoking Craven-As… a brand we used to smoke together that employs the use of English-flavored Virginia tobacco.  I had to set him straight, once again, but that goes a long way toward proving the likeness of this blend to actual, English cigarette tobacco.

Cranking the voltage up, as long as I leave it within allowable levels according to the resistance of my clearomizer, really brought out the tobacco essence.  I also tried El Coqui again after allowing the King of Vapors liquid to steep for a day.  The flavor was even more defined and enjoyable post-steeping, so I fully recommend popping the cap and nozzle off of this one and letting it sit for a day or two.  But even if you vape it the day your vape-mail graces your mailbox with it’s glorious presence, you’re going to appreciate this one and order more as soon as you get the chance.  If you like the various subtleties of different categories of tobacco flavors, King of Vapors is a company you should explore immediately.