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King of Vapors- Tomahawk


My appreciation for tobacco-flavor-focused E-juice manufacturer, King of Vapors, continues to increase with their Tomahawk offering.  The underlying flavor notes, slight hint of spiciness, and it’s overall likeness to high quality tobacco, make this particular E-liquid endlessly fascinating and an absolute pleasure to experience.  I must also note that there is something about a few of the flavors presented here, by King of Vapors, that cause a flowing sense of reminiscing, especially for a 20+ year smoking veteran like I am (er… was).

The Tomahawk vaping experience begins with a full-bodied, rich tobacco flavor.  A splash of spice and a sense of smoking hand-rolled cigarettes by a camp fire introduce themselves as you begin to inhale.  Your olfactory nerves will most likely bring to mind some of your more positive tobacco experiences (assuming, of course, you were ever a tobacco aficionado, like I was before 5 months ago).  A light but undeniable throat hit allows easy passage of the vapor down into your awaiting lungs… and the exhale!  Oh, the glories of King of Vapors’ Tomahawk exhaled vapor!!  You’ll just have to experience that for yourself.

I mixed a little standard, Mr. Nice Guy Tobacco in with this one, and it cut down a little on that full-bodiedness (if you prefer a mild vaping experience), without losing the complexity of flavor.  This would obviously work with any good tobacco blend juice on the market, and can be used to tailor your Tomahawk experience to your own, personal tobacco likes and dislikes.  I personally love the full richness of Tomahawk, and have no problem vaping it by itself.

This is a spectacular E-juice, and the Tolkienian wizards of Shire-bred flavor over at King of Vapors deserve full recognition for their accomplishments, especially where their Tomahawk E-liquid is concerned.  I’m looking forward to trying any other flavors that they release in the future… even if they decide to branch out into non-tobacco-based flavors.  However, if they decide to continue to focus on the niche market of tobacco juices, they will be hard-pressed to find worthy competition.