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King of Vapors- El Moro


True to form, King of Vapors’ El Moro E-juice delivers another unique, unlike-other-E-liquid-tobacco-blends flavor that secured itself a place in the tobacco E-juice Hall of Fame (if there is one).  This particular flavor is very reminiscent of a Cavendish pipe tobacco, or a maduro cigar with a moist, natural wrapper.  For those of you who are not, or never were tobacco aficionados, it might be easier to think of El Moro as King of Vapors’ Black and Mild homage.

Chronologically, this was the first King of Vapors product I tried, and I was so pleasantly surprised to taste something other than the typical E-juice tobacco flavor.  With this one, the vapor came through my clearomizer with all of the same taste and voluminous thickness of a good, healthy puff off a well-lit pipe full of a rich, full-flavored pipe tobacco.  As stated above, there were hints of a maduro cigar wrapper at the same time, and a very light sweetness that is difficult to avoid in any E-juice.

This juice is a perfect ADV (All Day Vape), and I suggest anyone, especially those who are still transitioning from smoking analogs to vaping E-cigs.  The throat hit and vapor production are very good, very similar to actual smoke, and the taste is as described above… akin to the real taste of burning tobacco.  While vaping this inside a coffee shop (not my usual venue for vaping), someone reported me to management for brazenly smoking indoors in front of everyone, infecting them with the zombie infection or something like that.  I happily, and not without a bit of a attitude and sarcastic emphasis, relayed the information that what I was doing did not involve any actual smoke, burning, or tobacco at all.  The management let it slide, but the complainer went away in a huff.  I take it that part of their tizzy was based on the fact that the vapor not only looked like tobacco smoke, but carried a strong tobacco odor as well.  So, if you’re like me and you like to instigate problems and troll ANTZ, this is also a very good choice of juices.

King of Vapors has done the right thing, and I hope that other companies aim themselves along the lines of their business model.  Focusing on one, specific category of flavors has proven, at least in King of Vapors case, to yield spectacular, intricately detailed results.  The subtleties are at the same time both barely noticeable and instantly recognizable… just like tobacco smoke.  I am now going to start paying attention to tobacco-flavored E-liquids, like El Moro, where before this I tended to ignore this category.  King of Vapors proves that there can be vast differences and very accurately cloned tobacco vapor for E-juices.