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King of Vapors- Caribe Blend


So far, in my “professional” E-juice taste testing review “career,” I’ve noticed that there are very few manufacturers who’ve been able to nail the illusive menthol/tobacco combination perfectly.  Normally, it tastes like two separate flavors mixed together, but in a menthol cigarette, the tobacco is mentholated, meaning the two flavors are fused together.  King of Vapors has figured out a way to make those two separate flavors taste like one flavor.  We already know that King of Vapors has mastered the art of the tobacco-based E-juice, and created something that actually does taste like a “real,” analog cigarette.

The initial taste of the vapor as it passes your lips is that of a good, cool-flavored, smooth tobacco smoke.  Upon the inhale, a coolness is released from the plumes of atomized E-liquid the same as it would be in a moderately mentholated tobacco cigarette.  The Caribe Blend by King of Vapors has succeeded where so many others have failed.  For those menthol smokers out there, this particular E-liquid is more akin to a Marlboro Smooth, rather than something as harsh as a Newport or a Camel Menthol Crush.  The throat hit is cooling, but not to the point of freezing pain like it is in some mentholated cigs (at least in my opinion, but then again, I was never a hardcore menthol smoker.  I always preferred reds/full-flavored and cloves).  The flavor is suggestive of a light, golden Virginia tobacco with that perfect touch of chill.  The Caribe Blend flavor, however, just doesn’t seem to have the luxurious kick to which King of Vapors’ other offerings lay claim.  Still, if you’re a menthol fan, you won’t be disappointed.

I tried varying the voltage of on my ESCO E-2 while vaping King of Vapors’ Caribe Blend through a Megatwix dual coil clearomizer, and I didn’t notice any difference either way.  Caribe’s vapor production stays consistent at both high and low voltages, which is certainly not a bad thing.  The olfactory measure of this particular juice is almost perfect, in that the vapor of this juice reminds one of the smell most closely associated with a burning menthol cigarette.  I personally love the smell of burning tobacco, whether it’s cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke.  Most people, however, are turned off by the scent of an analog cigarette burning in the immediate vicinity.

All in all, King of Vapors has produced yet another fan-friggin’-tastic, tobacco-based E-juice.  This time they have tackled the difficult problem of that illusive tobacco/menthol blend.  As stated above, from personal experience, it’s been difficult to find an E-liquid that captured the true essence of mentholated tobacco.  Most of these flavor combinations just taste like tobacco flavor on top of menthol flavor, or vice versa.  These two scenarios may sound like the same thing, but they aren’t.  Mentholated tobacco is one taste, not two combined flavors.